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  1. Taxi refers to various passenger activities in cities. The charges are generally higher than other means of transportation, and they are usually charged according to tables. Cars for temporary hires are charged by mileage or time, also called taxi. Taxi are called taxis in Taiwan, a taxi in Hong Kong and Macau, and Singapore and Malaysia are called Delta. In recent years, the number of cruise taxis has generally declined. In 2019, the scale of the national cruise rental vehicles was 1.3916 million, and the total number of passenger transport volume was 34.789 billion. The number of travelers in my country has basically maintained about 2.7 million people. The profit status of the taxi industry is very different. Among them, the gross profit margin of Volkswagen reaches 35.45%, and the gross profit margin of Johnson

  2. Taxi is the service industry, so this industry should exist for a long time. But as for the future prospects, it is still unclear. Therefore, it is recommended that you fitness selection:

    1, the driver may be replaced by

    The development of science and technology is now rapidly. It is possible that a taxi driver is no longer needed in the future, but instead of using autonomous driving instead. Autonomous driving technology has appeared now. Like Baidu, it has won the world's leading position in autonomous driving technology. And after they tested, the effect was not bad. It can be said that the application of autonomous driving technology in the automotive industry is an unstoppable trend. In the future, the driver's profession may disappear.

    This taxi companies, in order to reduce costs, they will definitely choose lower -cost technology. For example, if there is no driver, they will save labor costs. Therefore, this technology is still very attractive for enterprises.

    Anyway, automatic technology is a progress and promotion for humans.

    , but if you choose to drive a taxi now, it may be unemployed in the future.

    2, driver is a non -accumulated occupation

    non -accumulated occupation, refers to this profession over time, his skills and his salary will not be A big change occurred. For example, the driver, no matter how many years you drive, his salary will increase too high, and the knowledge he masters will not change much! Non -accumulated occupations are very likely to be replaced. Just like the general worker in the company, because there is no accumulation, if there is automatic technology replacement in the future, after they go out, they may face a situation where they cannot find a job!

    3. Select the one that suits you

    of course, the outside environment and occupation itself is a decision factor, but more importantly, you want to depend on yourself yourself Essence If you think a taxi is a good choice for your group, then you do it. Then continue to think of other ways. But now taxis are supervised by the government. Relatively speaking, your income depends on your number of passengers. If it is said from the perspective of supporting the family, taxis is a good choice. However, if there is a lot of development, you may need other options!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, Che YounAccording to the analysis of the development prospects of the taxi industry, the growth rate of China's taxi market is about 3%, but the number of taxis in various places is basically controlled by the number of local governments, and the number has not changed much. Analysis of the taxi industry pointed out that it is calculated by 10 kilometers per person for a taxi. The unit price per person across the country is between 19-30 yuan.nThe taxi market will not disappear because taxis are uniformly supervised by the country. All vehicles are registered. The safety guarantee for passengers is the highest. Secondly, most taxi drivers are familiar with every corner of the city, which is convenient for passengers to send them in time. There is also the elderly and some people who rarely use their mobile phones will not choose to choose traffic other than taxis.n1 morenBleak

  4. The prospect of the taxi industry is actually very unobstructed. First of all, the taxi market is seriously occupied by the online taxi. It is difficult to survive the full -time taxi driver. The annual taxi industry will gradually be eliminated.

  5. If you are a practitioner, I suggest you quickly change your career! If you want to engage in this industry, it is recommended that you consider it carefully! First of all, vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and more and more drivers! Coupled with the ride -hailing car! Do you think about this industry still has a market! Coupled with the low threshold of the road transportation industry, the quality of personnel is not high! Things gather together, people are divided into groups, how can people who have been mixed in this circle for a long time can be imagined! If there is no big ideal, then do it! Third, the operation of the operation has been saturated, and the price of artificial hype has led to a high price. As the central government's anti -corruption, the continuous efforts of simplified administration, and the increase in market competition, the traditional taxi industry's dividend period has already passed! Why bother to join this industry!

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