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  1. Beecool is a social management platform
    Zhu Pan not only participates in investment in many projects, but also understands the core of the blockchain. He found that the community is the soul of each blockchain project. The community ecology is an indispensable link in the blockchain field. Therefore, he has embarked on the road of entrepreneurship again and founded Beecool, the first community management platform of the blockchain.
    In interviews with Yang Xiaqing, director of Netease Science and Technology, Zhu Pan mentioned that he defined the target group, such as blockchain, strengthening identity. The community needs a series of activities to gather users, strengthen user relationships, and continuously promote the existence of the community at the same time. The value of the community lies in operation. Operations require professional execution teams, content production, event planning, new media operations, customer service. And to do the content of resonance, gather popularity and resonance, and let everyone commonly benefit in the community, and make incentive benefits.
    I we will gather users who pay attention to the points together through WeChat groups, QQ groups, Weibo, public accounts, Baidu promotion and other methods. People with a sense of belonging join in, and promote keywords on Baidu.
    . So far, Beecool, which has been established in less than a year, has nearly 10,000 communities and covers 200,000 users.
    The strong community foundation also made Zhu Pan more confident in the blockchain field. It is also the operating community to make him understand the importance of the value of blockchain trust.
    Procketing members must do something together to deepen and solidify each other's feelings, which is often said to "carry guns and go to the countryside." The foundation of an excellent community is to let the right people do the right thing together. Zhu Pan said.
    In addition to Beecool, Hainan Mushroom Head Network Technology Co., Ltd., Zhu Pan also co -founder Du Jun, the founder of Creation Capital Sun Zeyu, will jointly initiate the blockchain industry park will be in Fuxing City, Haikou City, Hainan Province Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, I hope to give more entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial experience, as well as entrepreneurial resources to more blockchain entrepreneurs, and for the development of the Internet industry in the hometown and the development of the entire ecology of the blockchain, do their best Power.

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