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  1. Why are you welcome to enter the group? What group is this group? If it is a job, the leader should be group groups and leaders enter the group. What do you talk about in the group? Isn't it just a architecture?

  2. Leaders enter the group
    1, let us warmly welcome the leaders to enter the group, I hope we work better and better.
    2, hello! You are welcome to join our group, expect us to learn from each other, help each other, make progress, and improve together!
    3. Welcome to the group to guide the work. I may not be your best employee, but you are my most respectable leader, thank you for your care for me.
    4. Welcome leaders to enter the group. Dear leadership is precisely because of your leading role that we can do their jobs and dedicated their jobs in our work.
    5. Welcome leaders to enter the group. This is a young team that is on the road with many shortcomings and levels of cooperation.
    is because of the appearance of everyone, giving us opportunities and platforms for each other, letting us learn together, to promote common norms together, catch up with better self, and create better Bili!
    6. Welcome leaders to enter the group. For so many years, thank the leaders for cultivating my careful cultivation.
    7, music! Welcome, it is our honor to lead you!
    The skills with leaders
    1. Don't be afraid of leaders' annoyance, and timely feedback
    In the workplace, when your leadership explains your work or task This is convenient for your leadership to make decisions. You may say that you are afraid of being busy and even more annoying. Pharaoh believes that you do not follow up with the progress of your work in time, which is the most annoying thing for your leadership.
    2, do not let the leader make a blank question, do not help the leader to make decisions, just ask the leader to make a choice question
    If the leader to fill in the blank question, it means that you are not far from the time of leaving. Leaders do the choice questions, indicating that you should be promoted! But in the workplace, many people only criticize and do not give solutions. They often find leaders to communicate with problems and let leaders give themselves solutions.
    3, dare to express your own point of view, but do not talk nonsense
    people are in the workplace, you have to express your point of view with the solution, instead of Wei Wei Nuo also trend. When you boldly express your point of view, your leader will find you. As long as you hide your competition, your leader is willing to discover your talents, and you will give you more resources and power, you will do it, you will do it. For more things, you will be more valuable.
    4. Do not degrade your colleagues in front of the leader
    This will cause your leader to dislike you; praise more about your colleagues, which will make your leaders think that your pattern is large. In the workplace, you encounter a lot of colleagues or tree enemies who are inconsistent with you, but you must not express it before the leader. Once you express it, you may really lose. Your best way is to praise him, say it with the help of others, and don't take the initiative.

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