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  1. Synthetic diamonds are real diamonds, the physical and chemical properties are the same as natural diamonds. It is likely to be a major change in the diamond industry in the future. I think there is an article about this article that I write well and share it with you. Hope to be accepted to help you.

    has not changed in a hundred years of the diamond industry -synthetic diamond opening the industry new era

    Ifidine's success is to seize the historical opportunities of natural diamond mining and promotion Today, when we are still successful, the diamond industry has ushered in another important historical turning point -synthetic diamonds.

    . The new era of the diamond industry

    In 2020, Li Lei and Han Meimei may encounter many new problems when choosing an engagement diamond ring.

    Ir's considering whether to choose a synthetic diamond -the diamonds produced in the laboratory. "Anyway, there is no difference. Why not buy synthetic diamonds, it is too cheap." Han Meimei may hesitate "Although I know that they are all diamonds, but the meaning of marriage is different. I still want to buy naturally."

    The rapid increase in the speed and quality of synthetic diamond production in recent years, such a future is not far away.

    In May 2012, IGI Antweri Lab (Institute) had detected 461 synthetic diamonds in the 605 diamonds of 605 inspection by a businessman to check. However, he thought these diamonds were naturally natural.

    In order to improve the vigilance of the entire industry, remind the industry to pay attention to screening synthetic diamonds, IGI chooses to inform the major appraisal laboratories around the world as soon as possible, and share the specific diamonds specific. The appraisal method hopes to minimize such risks in the appraisal session.

    In just four years since then, the production capacity of synthetic diamonds has increased rapidly. According to statistics, in 2014, the annual output of synthetic diamonds was less than 350,000 carats, and the proportion of natural diamond output was less than 0.3%. In 2015, the annual output of synthetic diamonds increased to 2.30-4.2 million carats, accounting for natural diamonds to increase to 2%-3%. At the same time, the quality of synthetic diamonds has also been improved year by year. The laboratory has detected the world's largest colorless synthetic diamond, which can already achieve 10.02ct, E color vs1. Under the same quality, mining analyst Krarire believes that "consumers may turn to synthetic gemstones, after all, they are 20%to 30%cheaper than natural diamonds."

    2016 Mid -National Intercity Diamond Industry Summit was held in Shenzhen in September. All parties launched a whole day of discussion on the "natural

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