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  1. There are three ways to send QQ group. Establish a discussion group; message group sender; manually publish, add them as friends, build a temporary group, and manually send messages one by one.
    QQ group send information steps:
    In QQ and log in.
    The main panel of QQ, select the second "group chat" logo, there is a "creation" button on the right, click "Creation" -tonly to initiate multiple people chat.
    This pop -up box, you are added by default, you can choose friends and group members, and then click " " to join the crowd you want to send information.
    Is open the chat box and send a blessing information or notification information. All these people can receive them.

  2. QQ group sending information has two methods to friends. The first is to create a discussion group. This method is suitable for sending to friends less than 50 people. The second is to create groups. The size of the group can be 200 people, 500, and 1,000 and 2,000. If you want to notify 50 people, less than 50 people are recommended to use the first method for easy management. The specific operation method is as follows:
    Method 1: Create a discussion group
    1. Log in to QQ, and then switch to QQ group. You can see the creation on the right, pour the triangle downward, and create a discussion group.
    2. Select a friend in the list of friends on the left side of the pop -up discussion group dialog box. You can also add all the friends of a group to all friends in a group. The discussion group can only choose up to 50 people.
    Method two: Create group
    1. Log in QQ, then switch to QQ group. You can see the creation on the right, pour down the triangle downward, and create a group.
    2. Select group categories in the pop -up group dialog box (this article is colleagues. Friends as a demonstration)
    3. Fill in group information and then step by step.
    4. Choose a friend in a friend list, that is, the object you need group information. Finally, choose to complete the creation.

  3. QQ does not have the function of developing group issuance, but if you want to realize the group development, you can download the group sending software. This software generally needs to be charged, and it will also have a certain impact on the computer. Yes, be sure to operate correctly.
    1. When downloading the software, be sure to open the computer firewall to prevent virus invasion;
    2. The operation cannot be operated frequently, otherwise it will bring the danger of the title.

  4. How to send QQ messages? 1. First open the mobile QQApp. 2. Then open a friend's dialog box. 3. After opening the dialog box, send a message, then right -click the information, and select "Repost". 4. After opening the "forwarding" frame, find the object you want to send group 5. Determine the sending and send it to your friends at the same time

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