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  1. Which is better in Shanghai's supplementary classes? This article sorted out 5 re -class institutions with good reputation in Shanghai. Welcome to read.

    The academic education, as the advocate of personalized education, is committed to helping students improve their academic performance and stimulate potential. Xueda Education Group has formulated and implemented a student -oriented service matching model with a result -oriented and student -centric service. Compared with the traditional class tutoring, the service model of learning is based on the needs of each student and preference to customize personalized counseling solutions, and at the same time match the full -time professional counseling team to conduct one -on -one counseling.
    The New Oriental School of New Oriental Education adopts unified brands, unified teachers, unified basic textbooks, unified teaching quality, unified complaint system, unified teaching services, and unified teaching management systems, thereby ensuring that New Oriental in various places New Oriental The school can provide the highest level of teaching and services for all students. As of the end of 2011, 15 million were trained.
    Nangli Education "Angli Education" began in 1984 and originated from Shanghai Jiaotong University. After more than 30 years of refined cultivation, it became a well -known "Angli Education" brand in the education and training industry. Education products cover the extra -curricular courses of kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle school students. It also has quality products (piano, calligraphy, calligraphy, scientific and technological innovation, sports, study tour, etc.) to comprehensively help K12 student groups. With innovative products, comprehensive teaching, and thoughtful services to satisfy children's desire to pursue excellent education.
    The study of research and development teams was established at the beginning of the establishment of the school.
    In addition, Xue and Sisi also launch extensive cooperation and exchanges with well -known experts, scholars, and institutions at home and abroad. Essence The Mobi Museum and Scholarspei also cooperated with the well -known American Publishing House McGramatic Hill Education Group in terms of teaching materials research and development.
    Since the establishment of the Bo University Education Bo University Education, it has provided high -quality education services for junior and senior high school students. The test results of students over the years have ranked at the forefront of the industry. With the world -class institution, as the advocate of personalized counseling education, we are committed to helping students improve their academic performance and stimulate their potential. By discovering the advantages of students, make up for deficiencies, stimulate learning interest, cultivate good learning habits, and establish self -confidence.

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