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  1. Use the convenience of the Internet to master the time!

    First, clear WeChat positioning.
    Is when you decide to use WeChat to recruit students, you must be prepared to give up private space and see it as a window for you to introduce, school culture, courses, characteristic communication channels, and tools you promoted. You can apply for a public account and make it into an online micro -network school.
    When setting personal data, the names and avatars must be true and specific, and use the name or avatar of the school or individual. Personal signatures are always related to enrollment.
    The purpose is to make every friend who adds you can quickly and clearly understand what you are doing. This is the first step to recommend promoting yourself.
    In this, let's take a look at the power of WeChat enrollment.
    The WeChat circle of friends is social tools, closely fitting users, which is more affinity and grounded than other platforms. Compare the circle of friends to a fish pond, a friend has a fish pond. On average, there are at least 200 friends, so there are at least 200 fish ponds behind a friend. In this way, your fish pond will become larger and powerful.
    The circle of friends every day is equivalent to hundreds of or even thousands of fish ponds.
    1. Use the circle of friends in the circle of friends
    The carefully care for WeChat personal album, which is equivalent to sending hundreds of leaflets a day. The principal of the institution that Xueyou Jun said uploads students' class photos or videos every day, and guarantees that the daily photos are different.
    photos can be a child's professional and standardized dance movement, which can be a child's hard -working look. Seeing these exquisite shocking photos, parents not only understand the children's class, but also see the progress of the child in the daily updates.
    The parents will forward these photos and videos. During this forwarding process, their friends in their circle of friends will also be infected, and they will add my friends through these parents. Powder "sucking customers is better.
    This little moves every day not only interact with parents and maintain customer relationships, parents will also willingly promote the institution to help the organization attract fans.
    2. Use the circle of friends to make a introduction
    The use of the circle of friends to make a introduction, mainly through activities to complete the purpose of increasing fans and expanding fish ponds. Of course, it is not easy to do a successful activity. From the beginning of setting goals, design activities, and specific operations, you must carefully design. The activity should be moderate and do too much. Not only does it get cherished, but it is not easy to make in -depth, and the activity must be meaningful. It should be designed to fit the students and appropriate activities.
    This Below to learn the three examples of the above institutions to extend.
    The example 1. School curriculum reporting activities, that is, the "Share Polite" activity
    The release of daily circle of friends is enough to explain the teaching effect. However, there are still some parents who have not renewed and are watching. For such parents, you need to "push" him, that is, "promoting orders", and "sharing with courtesy" activities can play this role.
    The event will be promoted by the circle of friends half a month, informing the parents of "sharing and polite" activities, and inviting parents to come to participate in the semester courses.
    On the day of the report class, parents shared 9 children's dance photos in the circle of friends, and edited the words "Yiya Xuan", which was praised for 30. On the same day, children can also participate in the lottery.
    This above activities can only participate in the renewal spring season.
    In reporting the class, the child who paid the fee went directly to the front desk lottery, shared and praised 30 children on the spot, and also went to the front desk to collar pantyhose. The atmosphere was very active, and parents who were still hesitating. Under the premise of recognition of the teaching effect of the institution, a activity has been completed, and the renewal is also completed. In fact, this sharing is a introduction.
    The words of praise from parents are better than the school's ten -sentence publicity. The accuracy attracted by the activity is much higher than the customers attracted by the leaflet. The client attracted by the event joined the fish pond of the institution and was infected by the circle of friends every day. Are there any people registering?
    The examples 2 and 100 yuan recruit small models, that is, new activities of the old band
    In a 7 -less model course, priced at 100 yuan. However, the old students need to find a freshman as a partner to qualify for 100 yuan to snap the model courses.
    The event only spent 50 yuan to design a electronic version of the leaflet page. The whole process was completed through WeChat, because 100 yuan is very cheap. After 3 hours in the circle of friends, it was immediately filled with two. 40 people. The event finally received 65 people, including 33 new students. In the process of grabbing the course, since the old talent must be registered, parents will forward the leaflet page crazy, which will prompt many precision customers to add me WeChat.
    Che winter and summer vacations, they will use this way to promote. Of course, many peers are imitated, and they are also very successful, recruiting new students.
    The voting activity
    In the end of the new week of the old with the new week, the last section of the performance class is invited to observe. In the observation class, you can use the interactive bar to vote and select the online small star voting activity. Continue to spread the influence, continue the effect of activity, and promise to awards the "network stars" generated by voting in spring.
    The voting activities need to be cautious. If you only vote on the Internet pictures, parents will feel very disgusted. However, if there is physical activity, in the event and interaction, they show their strength, so parents agree and hope that their children will win from it.
    For example, the best popular little singer evaluation activity, in the final exhibition class, did voting activities. Its views reached 40616, and the forwarding volume was 1471. The activity rules are set to get awards as long as they get 400 votes. The reason for this is because if the highest votes are set to win, it will attract some unnecessary parental tore and even drool, because parents want their children to win prizes. This setting can effectively avoid unnecessary conflicts, and the diffusion surface is wide, the speed is fast, and the effect is very good.
    In summary, use the circle of friends to make a introduction, you can design the relevant activities of the semester, bring new grabbing activities, voting activities in various activities, and later extension activities, such as the awards ceremony of the next semester. This It is conducive to the continued fermentation of activity. The interruptions of these activities not only reported the learning situation with parents, interacted with parents, but also maintained customer relationships. The most important thing was to publicize themselves.
    3, soft text enrollment
    often posted some soft texts in the circle of friends. These soft articles can be original and some feelings of your own. Some changes.
    of course, there are some activities and skills. It is not enough to release the circle of friends.
    1, time: 12: 00-12: 30 at noon; 9:00 pm 9: 00-10: 30, this time period is the best. This time is a relatively small family for children. After a day of work, I will definitely take out my mobile phone to brush the circle of friends.
    2, content: Do not copy the original text, try to create originality, or change according to the situation of the training center. Do not participate in political discussions;
    each time the release location must be appeared, set as the name of your own school;
    . Do not send some unskilled data and remarks that kidnap people think;
    Private things;
    can send several circle of friends in a row, but the most important thing must be placed at the end, so that the number of views will be higher.
    The activities through WeChat, using activities, voting interaction, and album operations to suck powder to form high -quality fish ponds. On the basis of the original friends, it is continuously attracting freshmen to join. While expanding the fish pond Temptation infection. WeChat enrollment is such a virtuous cycle of cycles.

  2. So how to use a good circle of friends to improve the enrollment conversion rate? Starting from the four directions below, let you follow the students' parents to sell lessons to the parents of the students chasing you to buy lessons.

    . Preparations in front of the circle of friends

    In before the circle of friends? That's right, to improve the enrollment conversion rate of the circle of friends, the first thing to do is to decorate the circle of friends, that is, the preparation of the early stage, including the name of the circle of friends, avatars, personalized signatures, and background pages.

    Name-a combination of brand names and training categories, and the nickname of long mouth is the easiest to remember.
    The first impression on the social network must make people feel that you are a real person, not just a brand.
    PMS Signature-It is especially important to supplement as a nickname.
    Background page-as a free advertising position, the background page must have the exposure and introduction of LOGO.
    . The circles of the high conversion rate are sent like this

    It all the elements of the circle of friends. How to send a circle of friends is the key to enrollment transformation.

    The official data of WeChat shows that 80%of people read news from the circle of friends. Many people open it several times every day, or even dozens of friends. However, as a nearly free enrollment platform, we have observed that the circle of friends of many training institutions is almost casual. If you do n’t think about what the user will think or moves after seeing it.
    In fact, the content of the circle of friends has a framework for the teaching and training institutions.
    1. Clarify curriculum content, value
    2. Attract users' attention
    3. Create a scarce atmosphere
    4. Give purchase instructions
    5. Adjustment of the conversion situation
    The framework also determines the specific content of the institution to send a circle of friends. The institution can even edit the entire set of copywriting first. We still use the enrollment institution as an example.
    The first circle of friends, the institution can send the main course introduction of the training first, listing the course value. Usually, the chance of buying directly after sending the first circle of friends is not high.

    The second friend circle attracts users' attention and curiosity. The enrollment institutions can release the promotion of the topics of the teachers in previous years. Finally, in the commentary area, "Heart" asked, if there are parents and students, you can arrange a teacher to produce a test form this year, and you need comments or likes.

    tips: At this time, when you see the target users of this circle of friends, you will be attracted and curious. The institution can also add another circle of friends to screenshots of the situation of the previous friends circle like comments, creating a situation where many parents and students are enthusiastic. At this point, many parents will turn back to your circle of friends, and the first circle of friends that have been sent before will be carefully read.

    The circle of friends, the agency should add a weight before the user purchases the course to create a scarce atmosphere of the course. All limited -time and limited things will make people have the urge to buy. When the institution is sending this circle of friends, it can clearly states that the course is limited, or the first few of the purchase of the curriculum will be delivered to the quotation table mentioned earlier.

    The circle of friends, in the case of the previous steps, give the purchase instruction. This circle of friends can clearly tell users that the original price of the curriculum is only required, and now the activity is only required to give a clear purchase instruction.

    TIPS: Give institutions a tip. In fact, it is widely used in e -commerce groups and group purchase behaviors. It can also be used in curriculum purchase. You can do it with the function of using Meiyue Education Marketing Position. The agency sets up the price and number of groups in advance, and chooses to choose to simulate the group. Even if the number of participating groups is insufficient, the system will simulate the "anonymous buyer" to randomly make up the number of people within 1 hour before the end. Give users.

    The circle of friends, adjust according to the transformation. It is based on the conversion rate statistics from the user after the purchase of the class to make the curriculum or price adjustment. The specific situation can operate according to the actual operation.
    Wefs of the circle of friends?
    This circles are also exquisite. Do not have too many times a day, and do not be too frequent. It is recommended to send it at the frequency of the morning and noon.

    Of course, it is important to do a good job of enrollment transformation. Parents will value the effect of learning more. Only valuable and effective courses will be recognized by students and parents.

  3. If the education institution wants to successfully enrolls, it must achieve 3 points:
    The mobile phone number from each community, and then get the exported number into an electronic table Excel format.

    2. Import the mobile phone number you carefully prepared to the number area above, and then write the promotional content of the educational institution you prepared in the content area, plus the address of the education institution phone number also Educational characteristics teacher equipment. 8 seconds after sending, all arrives. Parents who receive the SMS will come up with the address of the SMS.

  4. The method steps are as follows: First log in to your WeChat on the homepage and click on the circle of friends to enter.nAfter entering your circle of friends, click the camera logo in the upper right corner to start sharing the picture.nClick on the photo button to send instant sharing. This is the fastest method. It is suitable for the sharing of the first resource. For example, if a real activity, you capture from the scene, and the guarantee sharing is the fastest.nYou can also upload a good photo left in your mobile phone, you can check up to 9.nIt can also be other pictures. View all pictures such as screenshots and downloads of beautiful pictures can also be uploaded in batches.nFinally, with the appropriate text, and then click the sending, so the shared picture will enter the circle of friends' circle of friends.

  5. The enrollment of the WeChat circle of friends. As an institution, the successful cases of the past can be made into a poster to send a circle of friends, the information in the education industry, and the teaching method of teaching concepts. You can use a series of marketing functions provided by the online teaching platform, and the enrollment effect is better.

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