3 thoughts on “I want to set up a company”

  1. 1 First determine what kind of company you are going to open, who is the target customer group, and why you buy your service. Simply put, accurately judge whether there is business opportunities.
    2 After the business opportunities are determined, write a detailed, reliable, effective, and feasible business plan, and find relevant people to see if it is feasible. After all, what you do is easy to obstruct.
    3 financing and registration, and recruiting personnel according to the actual situation. Finding a few capables will be better than your singles, but if the cost control is limited, you can also take charge of managers, operators, finance and preliminary marketing. Then You are quite good.
    Basically, if you do these three steps, you can give your entrepreneurial dream a reliable cornerstone. The problem is that the first step is often the most difficult. In this era, it is not difficult to start a business because the threshold is not not the threshold. High; on the other hand, entrepreneurship is difficult, because it is not a simple sale and selling behavior now, but requires creativity, marketing and service to affect each other. A good profit model can make your entrepreneurial more effective.

    I myself is also starting a business, but because I have been doing NGOs in the early stage, it is not for profit. Although it is very hard now, it can give others a more correct value concept in the field of investment and wealth management. It's fun to do it.
    Is to continue working hard like me, like me.
    Please adopt it.

  2. Like you, you only have one special person to do plan planning and the company's operation. You can’t do it alone.

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