1 thought on “The group names who struggle together in the team are fighting together”

  1. 1. Tears without saying

    2. Chasing my tomorrow

    3. Effective addiction

    . n
    5. What is this pain

    6. Youth will never give up

    7. Cheer for yourself, refuel

    8. Unwilling to reconcile your destiny

    9. Youth Flying

    10. The ideal of blooming

    11. n 12. Dare to be a person

    13. Fight!

    14. Youth that does not transform

    15. Continuous attack

    16. Trying the world

    17. Huashangqunfu

    18. Knowledge change destiny

    19. n
    20. Strive to the target

    21, the future

    22, like sunflower

    23, no, no Let the dream wither again

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