Which high man knows the process of plastic welding!

Mainly the welding technology of PVC/CPVC/UPVC tube. Thank you for your thank you ~

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  1. Classification of plastic welding process

    The method of plastic welding process currently commonly used:
    1, hot plate welding -welded after heating through hot plates, melted the product after melting it, then removed out the product before taking it out Hot plate, product pressure implementation;
    2, ultrasonic welding -using high -frequency vibration waves to transmit to the surface of the object that needs to be welded. In the case of pressurizing, rubbing raw heat for product welding;
    3 , Vibration friction welding -Two plastic parts contact each other at a certain pressure, amplitude, and frequency. Due to the heat generated by friction, the material melts at the welded interface. Under pressure, the melting plastic flows out of the weld area to form an overflow. After the vibration stops, the melting plastic layer is solidified and a solid connector is generated;

    4, laser welding -the laser beam is transmitted through fiber, and then directly concentrated on the workpiece to welded the melting carrier. If the welding material is plastic infiltration welding, plastic penetration welding, plastic absorption light, and plastic absorption laser are required to produce hot -melt workpieces, cool down under a certain pressure, and melt the two layers of materials together to complete the welding process.
    Tage welding is mainly used in high -tech fields such as precision plastic electronic components, sterile medicine, food and medicine, and automobiles, because the advantages and characteristics of plastic laser welding technology itself. Laser welding is widely used in mobile phone parts (cases, headphones, USB seats), mouse, connecting parts, switches, sensors and other fields. Because laser welding can produce sealing, vacuum sterile products also perform well in the field of medical equipment and sterile environmental protection equipment.

  2. The small tube has a tool plug -in and heating tool. After the tool is heated, put the two tubes into the docking, and let it melt together and take it out to cool it. The large tube (that is, the leakage pipe) is not welded. It is a kind of glue gum. The place where the docking is connected directly. I guess you don’t understand. If you go to the store to sell the materials, you will know, or ask the master who installs hydropower.

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