1 thought on “How to build WeChat group WeChat and how to build groups”

  1. Demonstration model: Huawei Mate40

    System version: Harmonyos 2.0.0

    Software version: WeChat 8.0.23

    has two types of WeChat groups. Methods, the specific operation steps are as follows:


    1. Open [WeChat].

    2. Add the number in the upper right corner.

    3. Select [Sponsor Group Chat] in the bomb box.

    4. Select friends who need to join WeChat group to click [Complete].

    Method two:

    1. Click the increase in the upper right corner.

    2. Select [Sponsor Group Chat] in the bomb box.

    3. Select [Face Construction Group].

    4. Enter four digits and click [Add Group Chat].

    5. The friends around you enter the same four -digit number to add group chat.

    This Reminder:

    Methods need to be your own WeChat friend, and Method 2 is not a WeChat friend, but you must enter in the prescribed time and local range The same number can be added to group chat.

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