2 thoughts on “How can you open a men's cosmetics shop?”

  1. 1. What city do you want to open a store?
    2. What mode do you want to go?
    Te To the truth, there is no such demand for cities with general consumption levels, and it cannot be said to be unable to open. It's not the time. Convenience and simplicity are the characteristics of male comrades, including men's beauty salons. Unless it is more fashionable, the migrant population is mostly or there is such a prospect of tourist cities. The cosmetics industry is still profitable, because it is catered to psychological and physical needs. Can be distinguished!
    The note: Chengdu's consumption level should be stronger than us. It is recommended that you examine whether there are local needs in the local area, or whether you have already worked. This may also be a golden idea. We usually do a market research first, and the form is simple. You can do it. For example, what age, what industry, and what class needs greater demand, which helps you to open a store. If it is feasible, you can consider the store in the store and set up a store in the mall. The people are large, concentrated, and risk coefficients are reduced. wish you success!

  2. At present, Chinese men have not yet formed the habit of using cosmetics. Most boys now do not pay attention to maintenance. Although some men are still buying, they are only special parts, and most of them are limited to some. A small amount.
    Therefore, I think it is risky to do this at least in medium -sized cities. The sales opportunity for men's cosmetics has not yet arrived, if you invest prematurely can only become "martyrs".
    When the time is mature, I recommend opening "grocery stores", because many international brands have launched men's products, which shows that there are many choices in the market. When all men accept men, men must be necessary When the facts of cosmetics are used, it is likely that the shopping boom is likely. At that time, all cosmetics companies will invest more energy to play men's cosmetics advertisements. Do you say that men will only buy one brand of products? Intersection I don't think so, right?
    It, if you really want to open a men's cosmetics shop, it is better to be a monopoly for men's supplies. In this way, there are more projects and more profit models. In the future, men's supplies are a trend. The products sold mainly include cosmetics, lighters, underwear, belt, leather clips, and so on. As long as you can make features, the decoration suggestions are mainly black, giving people very high -end.
    The also need to pay attention to:
    1. Men's cosmetics shop should be selected in a category of cities;
    2. Product positioning is men's supplies, focusing on grade, details, taste; Government officials, bosses ...

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