5 thoughts on “How should a small restaurant attract old customers and solicit new customers?”

  1. 1. Continuous innovation and increase your signature dishes
    The small restaurants have the characteristics of small restaurants. After all, some local foods were created by small restaurants at first. In the large catering industry, they all have a fixed business model, which can occupy a certain market by the speed of meal delivery and services. And small restaurants need to find their own special dishes. The necessary condition for a small restaurant to survive is to have several special dishes to attract customers. In addition, in order to be able to retain old customers, it is necessary to continue to expand their special dishes. Only in this way can the old customers come to your restaurant once again.
    2. Improve your service level so that customers can feel kind
    The catering industry has two essential elements. One is food and the other is service. As long as the service level is up, then the taste of meals is average, and it will also attract certain customers. After all, when some people entertain their customers and friends, they will always go to some thoughtful restaurants, so that they can have face.
    The restaurants want to occupy their reputation in the catering industry, and the service level must be improved. The large catering industry has star standards. Then, as a restaurant, we must also work hard to the star standards. In fact, many high -standard hotels are tall, but they lack a sense of intimacy. The hotel can not care about these places. However, the catering industry needs to pay attention to these aspects. Will you come to dinner again? Definitely not.
    3. Pay attention to environmental sanitation and food safety. After all, these problems are related to the health of customers
    Why do some restaurants get more and more, and fewer and fewer customers are. The restaurant is not hygienic. Why do customers think that your restaurant is not hygienic? This needs to be considered from some details. For example, how the garbage on the table is cleaned up, whether the tableware used for customers is disinfected by high temperature, whether the chef is cooking, whether it is equipped with a mask with a nose and nose. These are all details. If you don't care, customers will think that your restaurant is not hygienic, and they will find some clean restaurants they think.
    In addition, food safety must be guaranteed. After all, food safety is related to the health of customers. As a catering industry, this is the top priority.
    The conclusion that many catering restaurants do not feel a long time. The reason is that there is still a regional impact. After all, as a restaurant, the object you serve is only the surrounding residents. This meal, but your main customers are only surrounding residents.
    Therefore, if the restaurant wants to do it for a long time, then you need to consider the dietary habits of the locals. As long as you cook along their taste, there will be a certain number of customers who come here to dine and change their tricks to please them. With the appetite, old customers often patronize.

  2. I. The creation environment of small restaurants to attract guests' marketing skills

    Stime restaurants should first pay attention to the store environment when marketing. People who often go to the restaurant should not find that some restaurants with good performance have their own characteristics and are clean and hygienic, so that consumers can have a good experience after entering the store.

    . The decoration environment in many small and medium -sized restaurants is a point that is easy to be ignored. Most entrepreneurs always feel that the restaurant environment does not affect the store business. The idea is very wrong. The older generation may be able to understand, but the post -90s or post -00 post -00s of the main consumer will definitely be unacceptable. Therefore, when you are marketing, you must make your own store environment well. After you want to get in, you feel warm and clean. This can also reflect whether the dishes are healthy.

    . The marketing skills of small restaurants to attract guests to the service quality

    This should also pay attention to the quality of the service when marketing. The reason why guests go to the restaurant to consume is to enjoy the service of the store in addition to enjoying the dishes in the store. If you don't pay attention to this in the process of opening a small restaurant, you will face consumers with a bad attitude as soon as you enter. Then the consumer consumption experience will definitely become worse, and it will be difficult to enter the store next time. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to service issues in the process of operation.

    . Small restaurants to attract guests' marketing skills

    This also wants to be good in marketing. The reason why some shops can explode in the market is because there are net red dishes in it, so when you are marketing, you must first make your own dishes and find a distinctive product. This can be in the market. Overwhelming each other, attracting more customers to enter the store.

    . The community promotion of the marketing skills of small restaurants to attract guests

    marketing of the community, although the business district around the small restaurant is relatively small , But the coverage is still very extensive. If you want to find your own suitable customers from this small business district, you need to locate the restaurant first to determine the crowd you want, so that you can promote it after you have a goal.

    . For example, when serving customers in the community, some leaflets can be issued, or they can pay attention to the public account of their stores and get coupons. In this way, marketing can get more contact information of customers, and these contact information is the focus of precision marketing in the later period.

    . WeChat marketing skills that attract guests in small restaurants

    WeChat is a thing that everyone has now. It appears very high in life, so The store can also use the WeChat platform to issue some advertisements on it when marketing. Or do some special activities to let consumers share in the circle of friends, which improves the exposure of the restaurant and is conducive to the development of the store.

    M small restaurant can adopt the above marketing methods when attracting customers. These are the foundation for opening a store, and everyone needs to understand and grasp in -depth. Of course, there are many marketing methods in the market now. Everyone can also find marketing skills suitable for their own stores during marketing.

  3. You can change some new dishes, or you can engage in some promotional activities. You can choose to apply for a member card. In this way, you can attract old customers, and it will also make old customers feel discounted and cheap.

  4. If you want to attract old customers, you must make new dishes, and you must make protection in terms of sanitation, and you must also make publicity.

  5. First of all, the 1st step is to ensure that the restaurant is cheap and attracts many customers. Then, through the old, you can tell the old customers that as long as you recommend new customers, there will be small gifts.

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