3 thoughts on “It is said that there are a lot of furniture in Foshan. Where can I recommend it?”

  1. Foshan's furniture cities are different, depending on your demand for furniture.
    Loffu Palace International Furniture Expo Center
    1-2 Floor has customized furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, some modern furniture, 3-4th floor with new Chinese furniture, mahogany furniture, European and American furniture, children's furniture, accessories Lighting City, the 5-6th floor is a relatively high-end import hall. The furniture style is relatively new and unique. If it is a suggestion for high requirements for furniture design, it is high-end furniture, and the price is relatively expensive.

    The red star Macalline
    is very empty, many tone shops, recommended to buy modern minimalist style to come here. The room here is very high! We see a lot of furniture in a certain house, and the clerk gave a 30 % off quotation. Personally, I feel that we can continue to cut down, but it is still more comparison. If you do n’t understand the market, it is easy to be pitted.
    The Shunlian Furniture City North District
    The second row of the streets is mostly direct -operated stores of the manufacturers. Generally, there will be more low -end furniture, and the price is relatively low.

  2. It is more guaranteed to buy furniture in Foshan to go to large furniture cities. There are many large furniture cities in Lecong, mainly based on the four major of the Roufu Palace International Furniture Expo Center, Red Star Macalline, Shunde Family Private Furniture, Shunlian Furniture City North District Malls are the main, and they also also operate retail and wholesale; other shopping malls represented by Dongheng are mainly wholesale. In summary, the environment, services and furniture quality of the Luofu Palace are better. Needless to say, the environment is a national 4A tourist attraction. The quality of service is well -known. Of course, the price of Luofu Palace furniture is relatively high, but in general, the cost -effectiveness is high. I hope my answer can help you!

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