2 thoughts on “How can the WeChat group QR code be valid and printed for a long time?”

  1. How to make a permanent and effective WeChat group QR code:

    Mou first open the official website of Guru steward; register an account, log in to the management background; click on the left live code management menu to create a living code; The name, the switching frequency, and then upload the QR code of the WeChat group; after the creation of the live code is completed, click on it to use it.

    two -dimensional code (referred to as fast response code) is a trademark of a matrix barcode (or two -dimensional barcode) designed for the Japanese automotive industry in 1994. Barcode is a machine -readable optical label that contains information related to the items attached. In fact, the QR code usually contains data from the positioning, identifier or tracker to the website or application. The two -dimensional code uses four standardized coding modes (numbers, letter numbers, bytes/binary, and Chinese characters) to efficiently store data and can also use extensions.

    The two-dimensional code is composed of black squares arranged by a square grid on the white background. It can be read by the camera and other imaging devices, and uses Ride Solomon to correct it until the image is appropriately explained. Then extract the required data from the level of the image and vertical composition. It can be printed, but it will also expire. According to the principle, the pictures can be printed on the paper, but the QR code is fixed and unchanged after printing. If it is changed, naturally you can no longer scan and add the corresponding WeChat group

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