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  1. We can summarize a truth: In the WeChat era, your customers are in your mobile phone, and you can do business with your mobile phone. Below SARA, I will share with you the relevant content of the WeChat target customer group analysis. Let's take a look!

    The WeChat target customer group analysis 1. Product marketing planning solution
    many companies The positioning of the crowd refers to the use of the crowd, and then analyzes the age and consumption power of the consumer group; in fact, when the product is positioned for the product, it is not only considering the people using the product. It also needs to be further subdivided, the products are different, and the people who pay the bills are different. When positioning the product planning crowd, pay attention to several points: target consumer groups, potential consumer groups, target purchase crowds, and potential purchase crowds.
    Couns must not mix the purchases and consumer groups, be sure to determine it according to the product. When analyzing the crowd, you also need to analyze whether there are potential crowds. The crowd is accurate, and the sales of the product will follow. People who use the product are not necessarily people who buy products. The gifts for gifts are different from those who use gifts. Students' products also buy themselves for their own consumption, parents buy, students use them. There are also products consumed by women, men are buying. Women consume men who consume, and the elderly use their juniors to buy. For example, if you are a pencil, you are of course the students themselves if they are pencils. But if it is English training, the buyer is parents, and the consumer group is a student. As soon as it is distinguished to analyze, the problem is easy to solve.
    Is to determine the purchase of people in the product, you also need to analyze the purpose of the purchase, that is, the motivation for buying.
    For example, what is the purpose of breast enhancement products? What is the purpose of breast enhancement? What is the big breast? It is to satisfy her vanity, in fact, it is more important to show it to men. Many TV advertisements often appear "crying". Men dislike their breasts and break up. After using a certain product, they will from C Cup to D. Many men are chasing themselves.
    Strees and training, what are the motivations for parents to buy? For example, Sun Weigang's college entrance examination review class, the price of 36,000 yuan, why do parents still register? Because locking the purchase crowd is a parent, from the parent's purchase motivation analysis, Why do parents let their children participate? Because parents want their children to be admitted to a good brand -name university, what is the only way to get a good university? That is the score, there is an advertisement title, from 276 points to 560 points in 3 months to 560 points Essence Satisfy the purchase of parents.
    The people who have smokeless smoke -free pot analyzed the target consumer population, target and potential purchase crowd. The buyer and consumer group are housewives: intimidating this crowd, so that they have the motivation to buy the product. The kitchen oil fume has three major harms. Frying a dish is equivalent to sucking half a pack of cigarettes. Potential buying crowd: San Lao who rescue the kitchen, and her husband has to buy.
    Is when planning the product, you should first plan how to impress the buyer, and then position the people hungry. Imagine that the product is good, no one pays, it is useless. There are many patents in China. How many successfuls are? The question is here. They are thinking about how to impress the use of the people who have planned to plan.
    . Social media marketing analysis 7 target groups.
    A analysis of 7 major target groups:
    1. The main consumer group
    Consumer groups refer to collectives with consumer behavior and have one or more similar characteristics and relationships. group.
    The main consumer group: 0-6 years old: consumer group of infants and young children; 6-15 years old: child consumer group; 15-30 years old: youth consumer group. When doing market planning, the theme consumer group of the product must be located first, and then the specific plan formulation must be established. Clarify the main consumer group of the product?
    2. Age levels
    Age -level segmentation: Any kind of product, consumer groups will have age level subdivision: 0-6 years old: infant consumption consumption Groups; 6-15 years old: Children's consumer group; 15-130 years old: youth consumer group; 30-45 years old: middle -aged and middle -aged; 45-59 years old: middle -aged; 60-74: young elderly or old age; 75; 75; 75; 75; 75; 75; —— 89 years old: Old age; 90 years old: Longevity elderly.
    . Consumption needs
    Consumer demand refers to the demand and desire for consumer goods in the form of consumer goods. Direct demand: eating, drinking, playing, joy, etc.; profile needs: obtain spiritual satisfaction consumption.
    . Consumption characteristics
    The consumer will show some distinctive characteristics when consumption. Male consumers and female consumers have different characteristics: male consumers focus on rationality, and female consumers focus on emotional. The level of consumer age also shows different characteristics: some pay attention to product performance; some pay attention to product appearance; some pay attention to product brands; some pay more attention to the connotation of the skin behind the brand. What are consumers' after -sales concern for consumers? It is necessary to pay attention to our market planners.
    5. Consumption psychology
    This refers to the process of psychological characteristics and psychological activities shown by consumers when consumer. There are about four kinds of consumption psychology: from public, seeking differences, comparison, and truthfulness. Consumers' psychological characteristics include consumer interest, consumer habits, values, personality, temperament and other characteristics. Consumers compare 3-8 different companies and products of different brands, different products and brands, and tend to choose a stronger party with strong brand strength.
    6. Consumption habits
    This refers to the psychological expression of stable preferences for certain consumption physical objects formed in long -term consumption practice in long -term consumption practice. Note -Interest -Search -Decision -Action
    7. Catalytic habits
    What are the age levels of the target group? What is the occupation? What time does it appear? What kind of media do you like? Habits: The most one, etc. The Internet, print newspapers, TV, etc.? Which one is less? Cataract habits determine the medium selection and schedule of marketing solutions. It is the only medium that can finally reach the target group that can finally land in the marketing solution. The above analysis of social media marketing plans directly determines the formulation and implementation of the company's marketing strategy. As a online marketing planner, we must pay attention to and use it in actual attention.
    In data segment target client group 1. Customer value analysis. By analyzing the customer's contribution to the enterprise business office, and analyzing the input and output, the customer's value of the company's value is calculated, and then the customer base is divided by classification or clustering according to the size of the value, so as to implement the customer's implementation Different services.
    2. Product customer value analysis. Analyze the customer's contribution to a certain product business volume, and the method used is basically the same as the customer value analysis. Through the analysis of product customer value, it is not only conducive to the business manager of the product to do a good job of customer service, but also provides a relatively accurate target customer base for the marketing of the product.
    3. Customer maintenance. Adopting clustering (classification) and association analysis technology, the customer group can be divided into 5 categories: high -value and stable customer base, high -value easily lost customer base, low -value and stable customer base, low -value and easy -to -lose customer base, and customer base Customer group without value.
    The way to find WeChat target customers 1. Social media users to import
    , such as micron, Momo, neighborhood and other social tools, as well as Weibo groups, industry websites and forum users. Usually, we also have Baidu Tieba, Weiyu, WeChat, etc. These platforms gather users with the same attributes. Most of them have the same hobbies and have strong interest and needs for industry products and services. Through the promotion of the corresponding public accounts of the enterprise, the number of effective users can transform a certain percentage of effective users may be limited, but user loyalty is often higher.
    2. Traditional media and carrier promotion
    The form of leaflets, posters, product packaging, business cards and other forms. The public account QR code can be displayed and spread well. Especially for companies and businesses with offline stores, they can better attract users to achieve repeated purchases. Customer care and services through public accounts. Special promotion and other forms transform users into loyal users.
    3. WeChat personalized signature finding nearby people
    It Signatures of WeChat can set WeChat advertising promotion, merchants can use this free advertising bit to promote themselves and advertise. In addition, it is recommended not to exceed 30 in the number of personalized signatures, mainly to summarize the company's recent publicity hotspots, key points, and highlights as a word that attracts attention to attract other people's attention. For example, do you need to handle your business? Find me to me? Let ’s use the“ finding people nearby ”to locate the function. When others are looking for people nearby, it is easy to see a personalized signature. You can take the opportunity to develop it into your potential users.
    4. Good at using friends
    You can use a circle of friends to send a picture and write a thought. The best way is to take a picture of your product leaflet page and send it to the top, such as a large discount, a thousand yuan smart machine, etc., you need to be in pictures and texts, so that everyone can see it at a glance. Interesting.
    5. Find customers through groups with common topics
    This to find customers through micro groups or common topics. The micro group is a group of users with a common topic. If the topics discussed by these users are just related to your products or services, then these users are your potential customers. In addition, search#topic name#on Weibo on Weibo In the form, you can find people participating in this topic discussion. In these topics. We can find some topics related to our target customers. Use this method to find the target customer, and also find customers through labels. The Weibo labels are set by the user themselves. These labels reflect the characteristics or preferences of the user. Based on the characteristics of these labels, they classify them age, occupation, hobbies and other aspects. Finding the same population as the target users of their products and services, they also found potential customers.
    6. Find customers through the target circle
    We know that usually others' customers may also be our target customers. So we want to find the circle of target customers. From the online circle to the offline circle, we must open it, and then form a database. To some extent, how big the circle is, how big it is.
    7. Any positioning, search for more users
    This are mainly to locate a target location through the positioning class, and then the software will search for WeChat near this destination according to the location you position. user. For example, in Xiamen, you can only search for WeChat users within 1,000 meters near the location. But through the software, you can position your target customer, and then add the nearby WeChat users. It is recommended not to use it.
    8. Group sending address book
    This is also a software. For example, the "group contact address book" software can send information to your account's address book user group, you can check the group members, no number of times, do not require the other party to verify the verification You can directly add the crowd to achieve the purpose of group issuance. Or after accumulating a lot of friends, use WeChat's self -issuing plug -in for more advertisements, but it is not recommended.

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