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  1. [Tools creativity resources products users = marketing]
    The is not useful to hold a good knife, it is useless to not understand the military law, and the enemy can not fight.
    It is like marketing.
    we will find that there are various WeChat link promotion in key holiday hotel activities, and it has become a key marketing method in the hotel, and today the market has put the main position of borrowing marketing on WeChat. WeChat marketing is again again. How to present alternative creative methods?
    First of all, hotel WeChat marketing needs to be service -oriented to meet user needs.
    1. Content resonance: 2016 "Monkey to Fire"
    2016 uses a "monkey" "monkey" and "monkey to power". Give customers freshness to let customers truly feel our promotional "monkeys to power"!
    for example: "March 8" Women's Day can make a WeChat link. From a small story of gathering less and more The world smiled, and he was polite, but returned home with a tiredness; we worked desperately, and when we went home to see the family's smile, but forgot the fatigue at work. Reunion. A certain hotel helps you to send a lover a holiday surprise, food interaction. The lady who comes to the restaurant will be given a gift of carnation. " A thumb is determined to support us, and you can collect the support of a group of netizens in 24 hours. The effect can be imagined!
    Recommended reason:
    Essence The WeChat link is a highlight!
    2. Borrowing momentum: How to seize the hotspot to make "medicated diet" propaganda.
    "The Biography of the Female Doctor Ming Fei" has been attracting much attention since its launch. Each prescription is a highlight. The medicated diet in the play also exploded the circle of friends. Everyone praised and held in the circle of friends.
    Recommended reasons:
    In use of the potential to make a strong medicated dietary diet activities, thereby causing the attention, sharing and interaction of the circle of friends. To grasp today's hotspots, it is important to learn to "use potential" for the hotel.
    The marketing without themes is not a good marketing. Micro -marketing that does not take the purpose of publicity is not a good marketing. When using various tools, marketing cannot be empty. Finally, it needs to be transformed. This is the most headache when doing marketing. How to send your own publicity link and how can you stimulate everyone's attention ...
    On how to brush the circle of friends?
    1, creativity must have
    Things are dynamic in marketing. The dynamics are not as good as increasing interaction. Creative elements can be integrated and enlarged the effect.
    2. The scene should be interesting
    Make a multi -scenario fusion at the hotel, restaurant, food, and event scene, so the scene of the scene will make many people no stranger, and then there will be a sense of participation.
    3, stimulate users to participate in
    The WeChat link interaction, do not just play slides in the interaction of WeChat links. It is important to add participation points in the link. Small participation settings and interactive points.
    4, short and powerful copywriting
    The copywriting must conform to the characteristics of creativity and user. The copywriting is a warm story, sensational or natural. In short, it is not easy to be too long.
    5, the music atmosphere set off
    The soundtrack in WeChat dynamic links should not be too casual, the sound should not be too loud. If you develop H5 yourself, if you have the ability, it is best to reintegrate and adjust the rhythm and text scene of each page.
    6. Pay attention to marketing conversion
    Themize the content of marketing content and scenery, which is very important for marketing transformation. WeChat marketing should shoulders the meaning of communication. Whether it is brand exposure or obtaining customers, on the WeChat side, It has great benefits to spreading hotel promotion and WeChat suction.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the hotel's circle of friends, you can pay attention to the following techniques: 1. Publicity methods. Before sending a circle of friends, formulate a detailed publicity plan, insert relevant hotel information, or set some preferential activities to attract people's attention; 2. Video promotion. Take the environment in the hotel into video, add some creative links to enrich the video content. The most important thing is that the promotion of video is also easy to get people’s attentionnYou can share the short video of 30 seconds to the circle of friends through micro vision. Newly added video upload videos. There are direct synchronization to the circle of friends. You can send a video of 30 seconds to the WeChat circle of friends. If it is a video that has been released, You can send it to the circle of friends in the lower right corner to send it.nHello dearn1. The taste of North and South! 2. Drink the same river water together, gather all the hearts. 3. This season, all great value enjoyment will start with auspiciousness! 4. Draw a new picture of folk customs and create a new world of food entertainment! 5. For 30 years, the restaurant has a colorful life.nThis kind of copy is finen3 morenBleak

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