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  1. White Sir:

    The thought carefully that I have been in love with you for two years, but I have always buried this deep love in a certain corner of my heart. Only I know that I like I like it all over the world. you.

    I I know that you sit in a corner of the classroom when you like to class, and don't like too conspicuous positions, we seem to be; I know you like to wear a pink T in summer He really saw a big boy wearing pink clothes before. You seem to be the first but look so good; I know you like to walk with the two boys in your class. The relationship is very good. , But one of the boys in it seemed to have a girlfriend last winter, but he resolutely abandoned you two. Since then, I have rarely seen your shadow on campus.

    I remember that when I first met you, it was a cold winter night. On the same classroom, the young female teacher wanted to do the classmates to divide the class of the class into six groups. Essence When I named it, I remember that you were sitting in the corner of the back door of the classroom, with deep eyes, that is, those eyes made me fall. Since then, I have been paying attention to your words and deeds, so I have been secretly in love with you. At the beginning, every week I was looking forward to the Thursday of the week every week, because I could look at you secretly, so I passed that short semester and spent in constant expectations. I still remember that the night before the winter vacation, I still did not intend to meet you in the supermarket. That winter vacation was very happy because I was full of memories of you everywhere.

    Because of you, I am determined to make myself better, and I want to make your ears often hear my name. I went to an internship in that winter vacation and did the industry that I had never been in contact with-the Internet, because I hope I can contact you in the future and be a woman who is to you. After two months of busy, the heavy work of work is painful to work overtime, but I enjoy the pain. It seems that the more tired, the more I can help you. I admit that these two months seem to gradually forget you in the long river of memory. But after school, the successive encounters made me regain my favorite.

    Words of another elective course, I guess you will choose this, so I did not hesitate to ignore everyone's opposition and resolutely choose a field that I am not good at, but it is you The best. I hope I can get closer to you, even if there is only a little bit. But what I never expected was your frequent skipping class, which made me particularly distressed. Later, the teacher built a WeChat group saying that it was easy for everyone to communicate. There was you in it, but I didn't have the courage to add you. Now that group is dissolved, and you can't find your contact information. This semester we have a chance to take class together. Maybe it is God's pity my bitter love. I want to give me more opportunities to see you. This is enough for me.

    Actually, to be honest. I saw you walking with a tall and thin girl in the evening. I was really sad. There was an inexplicable sense of loss, as if the glass bottle I had been caring for the heart suddenly broke. Later, I saw that you were waiting for someone downstairs in the school girl ... Before you fell in love, what I lost in love was me.

    Actually, I do n’t expect to have you, so I can often look at you secretly from far away. You are a Star that I can never catch. You can only look at it from a distance. Because of you, I try to become more excellent. I hope that one day I can be qualified to take a photo with you at the graduation ceremony as an ordinary friend to miss this simple secret career. Now that you are destined to get you, let me know that you can be good, I hope you can be happy.

    before I don't know which book I saw in. If you really like a person, then don't be a lover, just be friends, so you will never lose him, you can always use it all the time The identity of a friend cares about him and knows his recent dynamics. I hope we can do this, although we are not friends now, barely regarded as familiar strangers, and it is still the kind of familiar to you, you don't know me.

    The white sir I will keep this little girl's feelings all over the bottom of my heart, but please allow me to secretly pay attention to your every move, please rest assured that I will not disturb your you I live, so I am very satisfied. The only little extravagant hope is that I hope to let me say my heart at the graduation ceremony of my senior year, and let me say goodbye to my youth in this way.

    The likes of shallow over the years, the shallow care is only you.

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