Where is the development of scenic spots in the country, and there is more potential for development? Am I doing homestays?

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  1. I feel that opening the house is different from the hotel. It should not be opened in the bustling downtown area. Instead, you should choose a place where there are mountains and rings, natural and quiet places. Those who live in the lodge either choose the quality and cheapness of the earth's earthy and the feeling of the family; or the feeling of the home and the home, enjoy the quiet and romantic.

    The positioning is very important. According to your own economic strength, it depends on those suitable for ordinary or high -end, such as Tianmu Mountain, Mogan Mountain, Dali, and other places. it is good.

    During the site selection, climate conditions, transportation, etc. are all factors that need to be considered. Personally think that Guizhou, Guangxi and other places are beautiful. It needs to be developed. Suit.

    The characteristics of homestays are particularly important. Only the decoration style is unique, the theme is clear and new, and the homestay with outstanding characteristics is vitality and vitality, so that people can remember after living.

    Hello, I think the development potential for development in Xianju Scenic Area, Xianju County, Taizhou, Zhejiang. Because it is a 5A scenic spot, located in the rich Jiangnan area. Visitors of the fairy house are like weaving, crowded, and convenient transportation. I think it is very suitable for homestays, the prospects are very good, and the potential for development is huge.

    is very happy to answer

    I recommend a 3500 -year -old Xingtai City. It is a tourist -level city under development under Taihang Mountain. It has ancient buildings. Qingfeng Tower, it was built in the Tang Dynasty, rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty, the building is seven feet, divided into three floors, fighting arch eaves, solemn and magnificent, it is Xingtai City's famous victory.

    has a long history of Kaiyuan Temple, Qili River, and there are ten 4A scenic spots. Qiannanyu is 60 kilometers away from Xingtai City, with a planned area of ​​38 square kilometers. The ecological tourist area, Chuanlin Guo Park.

    The national key scenic spot in Xingtai Grand Canyon. The scenic area tour area is 18 square kilometers, and 24 canyons are composed. Neiqiu Bianzheng Temple, Fengle Park, Xingtai Jiulongxia, Yunmengshan, Tianhe Mountain-China Love Mountain, the original land of cowherd and weaver girls is the most green place in Taihang Mountain. It is convenient for transportation and beautiful scenery.

    The stairs of more than a thousand stones here in Xingtai Line Mountain straight up to the clouds, caves, holes, and twists and turns.

    The Yunshan Baiyun Cave is a rare rock -soluble cave landscape in northern my country. Xingtai City is a developed tourist city. The government has vigorously developed and constructed. I hope my answer can help you, thank you!

    The scenic spots in China are as follows:
    It 45 kilometers from the Qinling Township Township of Yupingchuan, and the G40 Shanghai -Shaanxi Expressway is connected to Luonan. The planned Luonan to Henan Lu's highway is promulgated. Yu Pingchuan is hidden deep in the Qinling Mountains, north to be expected to west Yue Huashan, West Kendao Taoist Xianshan Laojun Mountain, and the water of Luohe River in the south. When you walk into the Yupingchuan Scenic Area with the inspection town as the core, the scene is connected and the surprise continues. The tranquility here makes people feel at ease. The clean and tidy immigration new village, you will feel that it is completely different from the mountain village in your memory. Relying on the natural scenery of Laojun Mountain, you can "ask Laojun Mountain, healthy Yuping Lake". Yu Pingchuan has a beautiful environment. Every family is a small farmhouse for Hui Pai architecture. The beauty of Yu Pingchuan is not only quiet and elegant, but also the mountains and rivers. A hundred flowers bloom all year round, like a bright and shy girl, surrounded by the sea of ​​flowers. Orange Wanshouju, golden forsythians are open to open, roadside, fields, rivers, they are vibrant and beautiful. Here is speeding up the establishment of Laojun Mountain 4A Scenic Area and vigorously promoting the construction of ecological tourism towns in Qinling original hometown. Superior ecological resources, perfect tourism facilities, here are suitable for homestays.
    2. The beautiful village of Zhujiawan, Lishui County, Shaanxi Province.
    The Zhujiawan Village is located in the southern foot of Qinling in the northwest of Lishui County, Shaanxi Province. It is 18 kilometers from the county seat. This ancient mountain village is named the first batch of "China's most beautiful leisure villages" in the country. Entering Zhujiawan Village, the architectural style of southern Anhui is reflected, fresh, dignified and beautiful. Green trees are forest, and you are green, so that you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the cozyness of "deep people in the mountains", resettle your dream of returning to the countryside, experience the taste of food at home, and enjoy the tranquility of the homestay life. Not just you, all tourists who come here will be immersed in the green and green original hometown of Zhujiawan, lingering in this continuous landscape picture. Relying on the advantages of the Scenic Spot of Niu Back Beam Forest Park, Lishui County carefully planned, grasped the key points, actively promoted, and strived to take the first to build Zhujiawan Village into a national beautiful countryside and build the most beautiful "living room" in the Qinling Mountains. The development of homestay tourism is huge.
    3. Jindi Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Shangnan County, Shaanxi.
    The Jinshi Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Shangnan County, is referred to as "Golden Gorge". It is a national AAAAA -level tourist area, a national forest park, and a national geological park. "The World Qixia" and "China's most beautiful Grand Canyon". The scenic spot is located in the southeast of Shaanxi, Shangnan County, and is known as "Qintou Chuwei" and "cover of the Great Qinling". The scenic area is rich in vegetation, the climate is warm, the forest coverage rate is 98%, the average annual temperature is 18 ° C, the average temperature in summer is 22 ° C, and the four seasons are clear. Except for winter cold, it is more suitable for tourism at other times. The landform of the Jinsxia Scenic Area belongs to the landform of Sakuya. Here the Qifeng, steep and steep, deep and beautiful canyon landforms for more than ten kilometers. It is a key scenic spot in Shaanxi and surrounding provinces. At present, the scenic spots are carrying out quality improvement and efficiency and improving the tourism environment. It has certain potential to invest in homestays in the scenic area.

    The three or more scenic spots are being developed. Compared with tourism development and potential, it is suitable for homestays.

    Hello, I am glad to share some of my opinions with you. I am from Guangxi, so I want to recommend my tourist attractions in Guangxi, especially tourist attractions on the coast of Guangxi.

    The is familiar with the North Sea Silver Beach, but the accommodation, catering and other markets of Silver Beach are relatively complete. Today I want to recommend it to everyone in Guangxi Fangchenggang. It is a prefecture -level city under the jurisdiction of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is a cities in the North Bay Bay City Group. It is a coastal city, Bianguan City, and port city. Bay, borders Vietnam in the southwest, 580 kilometers coastline, and a land boundary of 100.895 kilometers. It is the only all -sea ecological bay city on the banks of Beibu Bay. The hometown of Chinese egrets, the hometown of longevity in China, and the second largest overseas Chinese hometown in Guangxi.

    The famous attractions include Bailang Beach (also known as Great Pingpo), because the beach is named after the broad horizon. It is the famous seaside resort of Fangchenggang City, Guangxi, and is a national 4A tourist destination.

    If Fangchenggang also has Dongxing Wanlou Golden Beach, Dongxing Port, Strange Rock Beach, Paradise Beach, Volcano Island, Pingfeng Rain Forest Park, Nanshan Scenic Area, Jiulong Mountain Drifting Scenic Area Wait for attractions. These tourist attractions in Fangchenggang still have room for improvement in infrastructure and catering and accommodation services.

    The coastline of Fangchenggang is long, with beautiful scenery, and bordering Vietnam. Passengers from other places usually combine seaside and border tour. Nowadays, the hostel industry is still small -scale operation, and there are not many special homestays. Therefore, the homestay market in Fangchenggang has a lot of room for development. You are welcome to inspect on the spot.

    At present, there is a large ecological cultural tourism complex project in the northern area of ​​Zhiyang County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province. The planning system is divided into six districts, and the area refers to the Tourist Scenic Avenue that runs through the 13 -kilometer north and south of the scenic area; the sixth district refers to the leisure and entertainment interactive area, the Xiangshan Mountain Sports Area, the Bordeaux experience area, the beautiful rural areas, and the millennium ginkgo. Prayer area and Dragon King Health Resort.

    In 35 square kilometers in the scenic area, there are Yingfu Zen Temple, Yingfu Lake, Nuwa Lake, Millennium Ginkgo Tree, Tianzhong Han College, etc.

    The rural and homestays have their own needs and work together to develop the development of the homestays. Rural buildings have been protected and revived. Through the development of the ecological environmental protection industry that matches it, a new rich channel is formed.

    The development mode of the concentration area of ​​the homestay and breakfast area is divided into different development model characteristics according to the main power, carrier, business method, and expression form. Depending on the main motivation, it can be divided into government -led development models, market -promoting development models, and enterprise investment development models; depending on the carrier of the homestay gathering area, it can be divided into scenic spots (points) development models, ancient towns and villages activated Development model and transportation node dependent development model; depending on the business method, it can be divided into the owner of the homestay house owner's self -operating model, the homestay housing leaser business model, the entrusted business model, and chain operation mode; B

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