1 thought on “What are the items in film and television dramas that may be props?”

  1. In the past two years, two dramas have set off a widespread discussion of the media and netizens on fake props in film and television dramas. Coincidentally, these two dramas are related to Sun Yan, one is "Zhen? Punishment? 烤 烤 谰 谰 谰 谰 叩 叩 叩 叩 叩 叩 叩 叩 叩 叩????????? 蠹揖 蠹揖 氖 氖 郏 郏 庑 ┏ ┏ ┏ ┏ 皇 羌 羌 羌 羌 羌 羌 羌 羌 羌 羌 羌 羌Bao? Basic Dunshi? Fat Bei 蠹 姆 保 κ 笆 笆 恚 恚 恚?道 道 装 装 装 装 is very conscience, especially the food in the play looks delicious, what abalone stew pearls, fish belly ham, assorted pot, cricket osmanthus candy cake? The concubines are all their own dishes.
    But then everyone knew that these foods were actually fake! Cai Shaofen once said in an interview that these dishes were made of glue, and they couldn't bite at all, and they would be tidy Chen Jianbin when shooting, and deliberately clamped the vegetables into his mouth. Words.
    Mi -unwilling crews often use dogs to impersonate wolves and foxes, which is very embarrassing to be seen by the audience at a glance, but now it is much better. Most of the crews will spend more money into 3D special effects, such as "" The wolf in Chu Qiao's "Biography of Chu Qiao looked more pleasing to the eye.
    As for "Sea Cloud Clouds", it is even more crazy. The director simply pulled the real wolf to shoot. Only the wolf king was a fake wolf of bionic technology, so the netizens did not distinguish the wolf in the end. true or false.
    This for the actors to pretend to be very enjoyable in such a snow scene.
    The "Biography of the Moon" was once spit out by netizens because of the props too fake. For example, this night pearl not only exudes the light of the light bulbs, but not only did it break to the ground, but was found by the golden eyes of the eyes. I also played several times, probably a popcorn ball.

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