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  1. First, choose the appropriate US stock broker to open an account. Choosing the right US stock securities firms must consider the following points:
    The size of the securities firms, the variety of transactionable varieties, commission costs, and preferential activities. Serve.
    Then open an account online. Most US stock securities firms provide online account opening services. China enjoys the reciprocal conditions of the US government income tax reduction and exemption. Therefore, Chinese people can enjoy the discount of free deductible income tax on the US stock market account speculation.
    The steps for account opening: online application -mailing materials -injected funds.
    Id online application
    If online applications to inform you to print materials and mail it. The materials that need to be mailing include: electronic trading contract template; simple table template; ID card is your valid passport scanning part, and the signature part of the last page of the passport must be effective.
    mailing materials
    1. If you select "financing" or "options" when applying online online, then you also need to fill in and mail the "financing application form" and "option transactions and contracts".
    2, the required document of the account must be sent to the securities firm within thirty days after the account opening, and the document is not received after the overdue, and the account will be restricted by the suspension of all transaction activities; Lift.
    The silver -clear calculation account of the superior securities delivery company of the securities company. Most users use bank remittances to inject funds, which is safer and fast.

  2. U.S. stocks need US stock accounts to buy. If you are stable, you can buy an American index fund. Buy QDI funds at domestic fund companies, such as the Nasdaq index of the United States.

  3. 1. Compared with A shares, US stocks have more means to make profits. For example, U.S. stocks can be short and more.
    2, the opening time is from Monday to Friday, from 9: 30-16: 00 Eastern American time. The domestic time is that the American summer time is China 21: 30-4: 00, the non-summer time is 22: 30- 5:00.
    3, US stock transactions do not have the concept of "hand", and US stock trading units are stocks.
    4, it is important to choose a broker for US stocks! From many aspects of Chinese services, commission highs, or not trading software, I opened an account in Tiger Securities. The commission of Tiger Securities is very low, $ 0.01 per share, and minimum of $ 2.99 per order. Compared with other securities companies, it is seven or eight or eight or eight. The US dollar transaction fee, considering that the amount of trading is not particularly large, it is more suitable for me; the account opening is fast, basically three or five minutes can be done. Well witnessed these troublesome things, Tiger Securities is really a company with an Internet spirit; Tiger Securities is a Chinese company, full Chinese customer service, and the design of APP also fully considers the use of Chinese people. Transfer to the United States; using the underlying channel of the Securities, you can trade with stocks, options, bonds, foreign exchange, futures, etc. of dozens of countries. Humanized software and services are more suitable for novice US stocks.

  4. I used to buy U.S. stocks. Now it ’s easy to buy, and the mobile phone can be opened. I use Futu Securities, a subsidiary of Tencent. You can download a Futu Niu Niu Niu on your mobile phone for three minutes. After that, you can buy US stocks on Futu Niu Niu. Recently, no one can guarantee what US stocks are buying. After all, US stocks have been disconnected so many times, and even Buffett and Sun Zhengyi have planted their heads. However, the high risk also corresponds to a large income. It is better to go to the long -term layout for a short -term gambling. Although there are still many those who are empty -US stocks now, I still look at it for consumption. If you want to know what US stocks to buy, it is best to go to Niu Niu Circle to see what the big guys said above. Sometimes the big guys will recommend some stocks worth short -term investment. For example If you can catch up with your luck, you can still make a lot of money.

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