Fast and Skin -Icontae Industry Salesman

What is the salary of the businessmen of the fast -moving consumer goods industry, and is there a prospect for development? I graduated from high school

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  1. 1. Strive for orders and achieve performance in accordance with the overall goal every day. The salesperson uses performance to achieve its own value;
    2, do a good job of store display and handle the abnormal situation of the store;
    3, patrol the store, do it Good guest maintenance;
    4, the implementation of the promotion plan of the supervision headquarters in the store, improve the execution power;
    5, promoter recruitment and management
    6, collect competitive rival dynamics, including (DM, competitive product display , Promotional situation, inventory, resource investment, etc.)
    7, monitor the product price changes of our company to prevent the terminal price from breaking the market.

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