What scares you the most during sex

What scares you the most during sex? Many people would probably say that they are most afraid of impotence and premature ejaculation. Actually, it's all pediatrics. What's really scary is the sex accident. Coital accident is an inevitable and inevitable sexual accident that all couples have in their sexual life. Sometimes this kind of accident is not important, but sometimes it can cast a shadow on a person psychologically, leading to various diseases, such as not reporting, premature ejaculation, cold sex, etc. Today, let's find out more with sexx doll about the unexpected and embarrassing things that can happen during sex.

1. Body pain caused by posture

No matter what cause or posture is causing back pain, sexual activity should be stopped immediately. Normal sex should not be painful. Back pain is more common in women with relatively weak back muscles. The treatment is to immediately lie on your side with your knees bent, place a pillow between your knees, and apply a topical cold compress.

2. The contents of the body cannot be removed

Rotating the vaginal diaphragm is as easy as putting on shoelaces.

But sometimes more intense sex can push the vaginal diaphragm so deep that it can be difficult to remove. Here's what health scientists recommend: Squat, then hold your breath to contract your abdomen, and the vaginal diaphragm will be pushed into position enough to pull out on its own.

3. Female-specific reproductive diseases

This is a common problem. In general, four to five times a week or each time sex is too long, causing bacteria to invade the urethra and even up the bladder, leading to urinary tract infections. Here's lucy sex doll.

4, female pelvic congestion

When a woman is sexually excited, a large amount of blood rushes into the pelvic tissue to form a state of congestion.

If orgasm is not achieved, pelvic congestion will slowly subside. At this point, you should lie on your back and elevate your hips with a pillow for half an hour, three to four times a day to help with blood flow, and take anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin if necessary.

5. Cramps and pain

The most common is a muscle spasm, commonly known as a cramp, on the outside of the thigh or calf during sex. The reason may have to do with intense sexual activity and overstretching of muscles.

6. You're allergic to sex

Allergies occur mainly due to incompatibility with cream latex and other contraceptives and medications, women often feel vaginal tingling and burning. So allergies aren't really allergic to sex per se. If you have an allergic reaction, wipe or douse any residual liquid, cream, etc. with water, a damp towel or paper towel, and take a warm bath.

7. Contraceptive slips

Almost everyone who is married has had a condom break or the diaphragm slip. There's no need to be nervous. The correct way is to take two oral contraceptives within 72 hours; If the condom falls off in the vagina, simply pinch the root gently and pull it out.

8. Neck pain

Neck muscles are prone to strain when they are stiff or strained. You can twist it into a towel that goes around your neck, tying the ends tight to support your head and lighten your muscles.

9. Clitoral injuries

The clitoris is one of the softest and most sensitive parts of a woman. Many men want their partners to orgasm and always rub directly with their hands, which can lead to a rupture of the female clitoris. Try Durex's heat-mounted lubricant, which lubricates women's private parts and increases the pleasure experience.

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