What is the so -called Shenzhen eight major business districts refer to? Where is the location in Shenzhen?

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  1. The eight major business districts in Shenzhen: the three main business districts are: Dongmen Business District, Luohu District, Huaqiang North Commercial District, Futian District, Nanshan Business District, Nanshan District, and the three characteristic business districts are: Luohu District People's South Commercial District, Luohu Lake District Shennan Central Business District, Nanshan District Overseas Chinese City Commercial District, as well as emerging business districts: Baoan Commercial District, Baoan District, Longgang District Longgang Commercial District.
    Extension information:
    Shenzhen, referred to as "deep", is called "Pengcheng", is one of the four major first -tier cities in China. Central cities, large cities, national economic center cities and international cities, national innovation cities, international science and technology industry innovation centers, global marine central cities, and international comprehensive transportation hubs, and one of the three major financial centers in China.
    It Shenzhen is located in the south of Guangdong, the east bank of the Pearl River mouth, is separated from Hong Kong, the east of Da Ya Bay and Dapeng Bay, the west of the Pearl River Estuary and Lingxianyang, and the Shenzhen River and Hong Kong in the south. Huizhou borders.
    Reference materials: Baidu 100-Shenzhen

  2. 1. Dongmen Business District, located in Luohu District, is an old street in Shenzhen, which is closer to the train station. The South Commercial District, near the East Gate Commercial District, and near Hong Kong and Railway Station, belonging to the high -end shopping venue belonging to Shenzhen

    3. It is also one of the most popular business districts in Shenzhen

    4. Nanshan Business District, in the central area of ​​Nanshan, belongs to the regional business district

    5. This is a business district mainly based on tourism and hotel industry. There are windows, Happy Valley, and Splendid China. The Baoan Business District is the commercial center of Baoan District

    7. Longgang Commercial District is the business center of Longgang District

  3. 1. Luohu District: Dongmen Business District, Super Lao Business District, shopping malls and popularity are good, young people often shopping.
    2. Futian District: Huaqiangbei Commercial District, global electronic products focusing, Huaqiang Beimaoye sold the top 100 in the national shopping mall
    3. Futian District: Futian Central District Business District, a new super business district, Including the Central City-Liancheng Xintiandi-Licheng International-Shopping Park-Cocopark-Junshang Department Store, Liancheng Xintiandi connects these shopping malls. According to the government plan, Hong Kong entered the first stop of Shenzhen (Guangshen Hong Kong High -speed Railway Futian Station) to enter the first stop of the Mainland, and the business district of Futian Central District developed rapidly.
    4. Nanshan District: Nanshan Commercial District began to east-coast city-Ji Zhi Island-Tianhong-Poly, which is very popular.

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