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  1. First, dig deep for user needs: In any marketing link, user needs are always core. With the help of Baidu's big data comprehensive and in -depth analysis of user needs, it helps customers and target users' accurate reach.
    In the "Star Pass-Baidu Full-Chain AI Marketing Data Platform" to understand the needs of target users to facilitate timely formulating correspondingly targeted promotion strategies:
    . Precision information transmission: Under the marketing, the industry should should Expand operations for omni -channel, from traditional to diversified. In terms of content transmission of marketing strategies, the current user interests and habits should be closely fitted. The simple graphic form is no longer enough to meet the needs of attracting users and accurate and comprehensively transmitting information. Essence
    1, short video marketing: or short videos of science popularization or incorporated with the story, you can quickly and intuitively pass information, which is widely loved by users. And the same video can be released in multiple platforms. Traditional platform marketing private domain traffic diversion, two -pronged approach, whether in -depth explanation of the product, the improvement of the corporate image, or the brand image are very helpful.
    2, "live broadcast" enrich the traditional marketing model, and build online consumption scenarios:
    It offline marketing is blocked to a certain extent. Only by strengthening online consumption capacity to expand revenue can we break the dilemma.
    For example: products that are easy to install, flexible, and easy to operate for products that are easy to install, flexibly, and easy to operate for the product of the epidemic isolation and recovery period? Can companies have targeted configurations according to different use scenarios? Live explanations can not only accurately pass information, but also improve consumer interaction and purchase experience.
    3. Mini Program — Convenient promotion at the same time to play with private domain traffic operations:
    In short, corporate marketing should not be unchanged, at any time, feasing, close to user needs, highlighting their own advantages, adhering to the original intention and innovation! With strength and sincerity, to overcome difficulties, at any time, to prepare for everything, it is invincible.

  2. The security market has expanded infinitely, security products have become hot, and security salespersons have changed in various ways in sales! Several ways to take the sales of security products: First, QQ chat, send information in QQ group. For individuals, QQ is already the second largest communication tool after mobile phones. Using QQ to promote products as the security market, the security market is infinitely expanding, security products have become hot, and security salespersons have changed in various ways in sales and control it! Several ways to take the sales of security products: First, QQ chat, send information in QQ group. For individuals, QQ is already the second largest communication tool after mobile phones. The use of QQ to promote products has become the best choice. Of course, there are more benefits of QQ. No monthly rental receipt is free. You can also send pictures, pass files, and communicate with customers instantly. The QQ group is also one of the places that security salesmen often go. Some security salespersons have joined several or even 10 security groups to sell their own companies' security products. The QQ group has also become a battlefield for many security products. There are also disadvantages to sell using QQ and QQ groups. Due to the characteristics and characteristics of QQ, the sales objects in QQ have become extremely limited. Using QQ for product sales is relatively strong and suitable for individual operations. It is very prominent, and the QQ group is the publicity position of the manufacturers. Most of the manufacturers and sellers are the extension of business areas and sales channel expansion. To promote security products on QQ, security products require good text ability, be patient when communicating, maintain a humble and polite attitude, use QQ space to store various security product materials and the supporting conditions of security technology and other security devices in order to customers so that customers can be customers so that customers can be customers so that customers can be customers so that customers can be customers so that customers can be customers so that customers can be customers so that customers can be customers so that customers can be customers. At the same time, you can also learn about other security equipment of security products. To communicate with other security counterparts in the QQ group, we must be polite and leave a good impression on others, showing their own sincerity and honesty, so that others will strengthen your trust in you. Mastering various related knowledge of security, while communicating with security with security, it also increases the knowledge of security. I must not say in the communication with customers. I do n’t know, I do n’t know, or if I do n’t know if it ’s so aggressive. The popularity is also an invisible publicity to its own security products. Over time, others will judge whether your product is good or bad based on the knowledge you have mastered and your attitude. At the same time, your status in the QQ group also improves accordingly. If someone in the QQ group needs to purchase products, you will first think of you. Summary: Treating people with sincerity, endless joy. Helping others is to help yourself, do yourself, and do everything well. Second, use email products to sell. The use of emails to promote products and marketing is not just the security industry will do this, but also this is also a type of e -commerce marketing. The method of mail sales must not be abused, and it must be restrained during use. Also pay attention to the specifications of mail content and the details of security products. Use mail to promote security products in one blow. After seeing this mail, customers will be promising to the security products and security companies introduced in the email and try to contact you. The email sending is to use the recovery function of the mailbox, so that you can understand whether the mail is seen by the customer, and then send an email to introduce other security products at a time. The emails are not necessarily introduced by security products or the company's recent dynamics, inform the customer's future development direction, and analyze and guide the future market, so that customers will become the company's loyal customers. Because the email can only play an introduction, it will be hit. The emotional feelings must be strong, the introduction of security products should be brief, the analysis must be in place, and the guidance must be accurate. I have also received a lot of promotion emails for certain security products. The content is only a few words, and some security products are attached to the email. The contents of the mail are: "Hello! Annexes are the latest price list for our closed -circuit monitoring, lightning protection products, and security products. Troubled you to check it. I hope to establish a good cooperative relationship with your company. Thank you!" Good thing is to add contact information below. When receiving such an email, the customer will first think of the work attitude and working method of this salesperson, and then whether there is a problem with the management of this security company. Such security salespersons obviously have not been trained. It can even be said that even the basic email writing specifications do not know, how can customers do business with such companies. For a strange customer, it is not appropriate to send an email with only product price. Such emails are mostly sent through special software searches or other website forums to send out the email address. It also has his disadvantages. It cannot grasp the customer's dynamics in time, and the customer's view and attitude towards security products and themselves cannot communicate in time. Mail marketing can only be used as a notice. Big, too much may be reported as spam. This is always garbage in the customer's heart. The promotion email of security products should focus on product performance introduction. The products in the email should not be selected too much. The letter should focus on the performance of security products, and the advantages of the application direction have been applied. The attachment can increase the product use plan, explanation and successful customer cases. The email format can adopt two ways: embedded webpage and letter -type. Both methods must be eye -catching and characteristic, highlighting the key points. Customers can immediately show interest in this security product when opening the mail. The introduction of security products should not be placed in the attachment. The pictures should not be too large. They must have a suitable respect for customers and express apologies for the email to disturb the customers. Leave your contact information with the company and the company's website. Summary: Use a heart to communicate with people with emotional hearts. If you feel warm in the cold winter. Third, telephone marketing. The telephone marketing model should be the earliest marketing model. Telephone marketing can be more trustworthy through simple language communication to facilitate better cooperation in the future. There are many advantages of telephone marketing. You can communicate in time in the phone, introduce relevant security product knowledge, product performance parameters, etc. in detail. Telephone marketing can move each other through their own language art, communicate with each other with their own humorous ways and become friends. The phone language should not be too embarrassed, the tone must be generous and witty, there must be a good start in telephone marketing. Most people will choose "Hello, I'm a certain company ***, what security products do you do, I see you too Doing ** security products, I want to ask you if you have this need in this area. "Such a uniform phone number has neither creativity nor gravity, and you cannot impress each other. I will answer such a call." I don’t need it. We have such security defense. product". Therefore, the initial few words of this phone call is very important. For example, call the person in charge of the Security Security Information Port to promote security products. Who should be clear between the call? If the other party is not looking for other contact information of the other party, you should know if the person who is responsible for the purchase of security products is responsible for the purchase of security products. At the same time, who is the person in charge and designer of the security engineering project and contact information. When promoting security products by phone, the sound should be lighted, the words are clear, and do not call customers when they cough and nose. The call is to keep your face with a smile at all times. Although the other party can't see it, the other party can feel your smile through the tone of your voice. It is not easy to spend the first call time for about 2 minutes. It is a concise introduction to the company and their own situation and explain the characteristics of security products. Communication time. The answer to the questions raised by the other party should be decisive and resolute. Do not hesitate to introduce the security product. It is clear that the advantages and application directions of the product must be clearly pointed out. It is necessary to take the initiative to make a call, which is conducive to the next communication, which can be appropriately extended the call time in the next call. Summary: Happiness can make the responsible things simple, make heavy things easier, can shorten the distance between each other, and make the two become friends. Fourth, the product information network is now so popular through the business website. The three points mentioned earlier are not the most important way. Why do you say that? Because sales security products are to let customers know this security product, understand this security product and buy this security product. The Internet facilitates themselves and facilitates customers. Many customers will go to the Internet to search for products when looking for products to see if there is a security product that suits them, or when looking at the technical solution in the security industry website, they have learned this security product. How to let customers understand this product as soon as possible, then the e -commerce websites in the security industry must be used to promote their own security products. E -commerce websites have become very popular. Although they already have their own companies' security websites, their company website has a limited number of visits. The reason is that the Internet ranking is backward, and the content is not detailed in large industry websites. Therefore, it is necessary to use the e -commerce website of the security industry to increase the popularity of security products and display security products and services. At the same time, you can find more business opportunities that are suitable for you and release security products. Therefore, the use of existing e -commerce websites for security products to promote and marketing is the best strategy. Many security websites have a certain popularity and access. It will increase the popularity of your products in the industry in a short period of time, so as to receive unexpected results. There are basically product release functions in the security industry website. You can publish a lot of information about your own security products, product application solutions, etc. You can also publish product information in the Security Forum to find potential customers. ,,

  3. It depends on the consumer group. Essence Essence Essence Those people or the industry need these, you go to the market. Essence Essence Also, remember to say the most important knowledge in the simplest words, no one likes people who are nagging. Essence Essence

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