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  1. Pujiang Crystal Network is the first portal of Pujiang Famous Crystal Network. The first information resource network of crystal products supply and demand. Image and comprehensive competitiveness, promote the international trade exchanges of the crystal industry, unblock trade information channels, and promote domestic and foreign trade cooperation will play a positive role.
    Pujiang Crystal Network will strive to integrate the crystal supply and technical information resources of my country and countries around the world, as well as information resources of the related joint industry chain, and further form the world's largest crystal industry brand incubation base with my country as the core. All registered members in the website have been checked and the registration information is true; all members must be reviewed by business registration and related information to ensure that the transaction identity is true and effective. As the international B2B e -commerce professional website of the crystal industry, Pujiang Crystal Network is determined to help large, medium and small companies looking for a product trade platform with high efficiency, low cost, and multi -business opportunities to promote the person in charge of the enterprise and rely on the Internet to improve the supply and marketing chain. , Expand the development space of enterprises, improve the level of management and standardized operation, thereby improving economic benefits.
    Pujiang Crystal Network adheres to the business concept of doing a good job of customer service, and then seeking development concepts. As always, three things will be done.
    (2) Promote the coordinated development of the crystal industry.
    (3) Promote international trade cooperation and exchanges.
    Pujiang Crystal Network allows crystal enterprises to obtain information the most conveniently, display enterprises, find what they need, and adhere to the concept of "market -oriented", continuously adhere to technological innovation, and provide users with "simple and dependent" Internet Crystal products and services.

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