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  1. The puppet cat is actually an artificial cat species. It is precisely the reason for the chase to the 1960s. A woman who lives in California Anbe Ke began to operate the cultivation of puppet cat species.

    , also known as "Bradel Cat", which is a hybrid variety. It is one of the largest and heavier cats in the existing body. The head is wedge, the eyes are large and round, the hair is rich, the limbs are long and full of fleshy, the tail is long, the body is soft, the hair color has key colors, gloves or two colors, and so on.

    It puppet cats are more docile and quiet, friendly to people. Its beautiful and elegant and very similar to the character of a dog is also known as "Fairy Cat", "Puppy Cat". Special appearance and gentle personality are one of the biggest features of puppet cats.

    The body hair of the puppet cat belongs to the medium and long type, will not be tangled together, and the texture is smooth. Its tail is fluffy, the neck is usually "bib", and the body hair on the hips is relatively long. Regular combing hair will make the puppet cat feel very comfortable. The puppet cat is one of the most beautiful purebred cats, with unique monochrome or two -color hairs. The body color is seal, blue, chocolate, lilac color, red, creamy.

    The puppet cats are particularly loose and soft, like soft puppets. The cat is large, with long body, muscular, chest wide, thick and short neck, long development period, and kittens can be fully developed for about three years. It is characterized by a large head and wedge, with flat heads,

    The eyes are dark blue, the kiss is round, and the short nose is slightly depressed. The ministry is long, and it is a long cat. The puppet cat gloves seem to wear gloves on the front foot of the front foot. The two gloves are white, similar in size, and do not exceed the angle of legs and feet. The white boots on the hind legs extend to the hind ankle joint, and the whole body is also white from the chin to the tail.

    It puppet cats have three color patterns: dual color, gloves and key colors. These patterns are divided into 6 colors: seal color, blue, chocolate color, light purple, red and milk. All colors can be added with Bobcat patterns, crickets, or Bobcats and crickets at the same time.

    It puppet cats are extremely gentle and more suitable for indoor feeding. Generally, they should sterilize and provide the appropriate living environment, such as being equipped with cat -grabbing boards to adapt to their scratching habits: These are the basic conditions to maintain their health and longevity and happiness.

    This cats will lick and sort out a medium -length silk hair. If you want to sort them out of hair, you can hold a combing with steel needles to make them elegant.

    It puppet cats are good at flattering the owner, and always turn around the owner. This cat is quiet, but also likes to play toys and likes to participate in the daily life at home.

    It puppet cats are a late -cooked variety. Their hair color must be at least 2 years old to be plump enough, while physical and weight should be at least 4 years old to develop. The newborn kitten is white. A week later, the kitten's face, ears, and tails began to change color. It was not stabilized by Mao at the age of 2 until the age of 3-4 did not grow.

    The puppet cats are cats, and cats will always lose hair, but the puppet is not serious. Pets are mostly temperature issues. If the temperature controls at about 21 ~ 22 throughout the year, it can effectively alleviate this problem.

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