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  1. Cats and women:
    women are similar to cats. They are lazy, beautiful and cute. Known as the Witch Queen, people are reminiscent of darkness, night and sinister things. In the mythology of ancient Norway, cats are related to the climate. It is said that it can control the wind. Cats can become witch and walk through the stormy night sky. Therefore, in the dream, the incarnation of the cat is quite complicated and contradictory, but in most cases, it represents women.

    The interpersonal relationship hint:
    This's personality is very independent, and the relationship with the owner is far and far away. Friends, if you have a common hobby and personality. If the cat is bitten in the dream, it may imply that the relationship between the two is tense. Many people think that dreams are unlucky. In fact, cats are complicated contradictions. The dreamers have various consciousness of chess in a state of hesitation.

    The symbolic virtue:
    Pegas thinks that cats are symbols of virtue and unfortunateness. The various conflicts of dreams and cats often reflect the unfortunate encounters in real life. The clean cat in the dream has the meaning of luck, indicating the elegant life and attitude, and is more satisfied with reality. Dirty cats have become the object of respect and far away, and may be because of the distress of the disease.

    The wealth:
    Cats also have the meaning of wealth. The independence of cats will not succumb to the owner, and they will not starve to death when they run away from home. It is like the property we lose. If you lose it, you may never find it anymore. Therefore, cats appear in dreams, and some suggest that the dreamer is nervous about the property he owns is facing the danger of being deprived.

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