5 thoughts on “Invincible cats in the world, why are the most afraid of fighting with chickens?”

  1. Because cats and chickens are fighting, chickens generally hurt cats, which will make cats very painful, so cats are afraid of chicken, and generally chickens are more revenge, so cats generally do not mess with them.

  2. Chicken is a faster animal than a cat. When the chicken fights with the cat, the whole body will fry. It always maintains a vigilant state. It is very annoying to take off the cat for a long time. It was a quick decision. After being dragged down by the chicken, he didn't want to fight. In the end, he could only surrender, and he escaped.

  3. It is because the chicken is very powerful, and the mouth of the chicken is very sharp. Many times it hurts the cat, so the invincible cats in the world will be most afraid of fighting with chickens.

  4. Because whether they are roosters or hens, their claws and mouths are very sharp. Even if the cats are very powerful, they will definitely be injured by fighting with chickens.

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