1 thought on “How to deal with cat hair clean”

  1. 1. Clean every day.

    . Because of the metabolism of the cells, the cat dropped hair every day is normal. Because the cat's hair is very light, the fell hair will be adsorbed on the walls, floors, clothes, quilts, curtains of the entire room. wait.

    3. When cleaning, you can use different tools such as flooring, sofa, and corners to clean them with special vacuum cleaners.

    4. The sheets, quilts, clothes, and curtains can be selected to choose the hair, and the brush is cleaned.

    5. The fell hair is easy to breed bacteria. The supplies at home can be cleaned frequently and disinfected.

    6. You can also choose to comb the cat every day to reduce hair drop.

    7. The other is the pathological hair loss of cats. In this case, the hair is treated with hair. More importantly, to find out the cause and solve the problem of hair loss.

    8. In daily life, you can also add nutrients to cats, maintain the health of the skin and hair.

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