5 thoughts on “Why is the cat so white?”

  1. Don't judge the cat from a person's point of view. You can find the data to find out the cat. The cat has its own rules of behavior. You said that the cat is a white -eyed wolf, but people are just a cat. The cat accepts a person's time. The beard went to a person and identified it for this person. Cats are not group animals. It will be habitually forgotten. You do n’t contact you for a few days. It does n’t know you anymore. This is also right. It does n’t remember with the eyes. Without the smell of cat mark, of course, it does not know you anymore.

  2. The cat I raised is to find you when you are hungry. If you are full, you wo n’t be able to touch it. Otherwise, you will be angry with you. For granted

  3. Maybe you really have too little contact with your cat. In the future, you will play more games and buy more kittens to eat. If you have more times, the kitten cat will remember you.

  4. The cat's creature is very cold. It does not express feelings like a dog, so don't complain too much about it. My cat is like this too but it will be better after a few days

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