4 thoughts on “There is a hole in the cat squeezed out of white things?”

  1. It may be a parasite. To remove insects inside and outside the body, and then clean up the cat's supplies again and again, it may be caused by the gathered by the hair follicles secretions. After squeezing the inside out , Will not affect the health of cats.

  2. Cats have cortex -like sinus, also known as skin -like sinus. This is congenital. It already exists when embryonic development. If it is not inflammated or pus, it is not easy to find. resection;

  3. There are the following reasons for the cats squeezed out of the cat: First of all, the food that cats usually eat are too greasy, causing the cat's hair follicles to be inflamed. The owner needs to help the cat improvement

  4. Some cats will have skin acne, and they can be squeezed out like human acne, but it is best not to squeeze it and be prone to infection.

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