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  1. First understand the gameplay and characteristics of toys,
    and then instill the design principle of this toy to customer service.

    Cats are naturally hunting animals and like to capture small sports animals. Therefore, cats also prefer small sports toys, such as tumblers, teasing cat sticks, balls, etc. I found that the cat caught the mouse or a little worm to play. However, the owner should pay attention to some toy small components. If the cat is swallowed by mistake, it may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and unwilling to eat. If it cannot be discharged, surgery is needed.

    . The first is ball toys. Kittens usually like to be flexible and changeable, which will stimulate its brain excitement.

    but many ball toys will be lost and they will be thrown everywhere. One corner, the cat will play with it all day, it is simply a permanent motivation for the cat.

    . Feather toys. Such toys usually require the owner to interact with the kitten to cultivate the feelings of both parties.

    Cats are interested in fast moving things. With such a set of teasing cat sticks, cats will urge the owner to play with it every time, and a large part of the cat consumes the excessive energy of the cat. If your cat just comes to home is more unfamiliar, Xiaobian recommends starting such a toy to increase the degree of interaction between you.

    . Cat caught cat climbing toys. These toys are mainly used to destroy furniture such as cats at home.

    It to prepare such a multifunctional toy in the house. When the cat can't help but want to catch it, you can use this toy to attract its attention. The sofa in the home will avoid its magic claw Essence

    . Laser toys. This type of toy is easier to collect, which is convenient for the owner to master. The safety performance is high

    The charging toys. For a long time, the possibility of being badly played by cats is very small, and it is easy to carry. The owner can be able to carry. Interacting with cats anytime, anywhere, you can use lights to play with cats at night, especially when the owner is in the bed, can be used to tease the cat.

  2. Many shovel officers should have such experience. They carefully selected and spent a high price of various toys for their kittens. As a result, their kittens didn't even look at it, and they could only throw them in the corner. However, in order to please their own kittens, many shoveling officers are still keen to buy various trendy pet toys for their cats. I look forward to their own kittens to "Lin Xing" these small toys one day.

    Actually, if you want to tease your kitten, you do n’t need a special trendy net red toy, because those who are often gimmick are good, but the real user (cat) experience is not good. Instead of buying a bunch of cats that cats do not like to play at a high price, they are not as good as to choose these economically applicable toys for cats. The price is not expensive, and cats still love to play.

    The first type: Plastic ball
    The cat has almost paranoid love for round and elastic small balls, such as stretch balls or table tennis, which often make cats love. This small thing is cheaper and can be bought everywhere, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to lose, and it is easy to play and disappear in all corners of the house.

    It, because the sound of table tennis bounce on the floor will be relatively large, and it is easy to disturb the people. Therefore, it is best to choose a relatively small elastic ball or sword hemp for the cat to play. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the harmony of the neighborhood. Do not let the cats play this toy at night, so as not to cause neighbors to complain.

    The second type: teasing cat stick
    wants to communicate with cats with good feelings. The best way is to play with the cat with a teasing cat stick for a while. Because this kind of toy requires the participation of the owner, it has not only exercised the cat, but also the master. The little bells and feathers on the teasing cat stick can be said to be a great weapon for the meow star. No matter how cold the cat, it is difficult to resist the temptation of the funny cat stick.

    The third type: laser pen
    If a big survey of the most popular toy that is popular, it is estimated that 80 % of the people will choose the laser pen first Essence Because most cats cannot resist the temptation of laser pens. If you want to appreciate your own cat or healthy or strange posture, you must prepare a laser pen in your pocket.

    The fourth type: Electric mouse and other
    The electric toys can imitate the mouse's movement and voice. It is a kind of small toys that are very attractive to cats. The price of this toy is generally a few dollars, with electric mice or snake. If you don't have time to play with cats or laser pens, it is most suitable to buy this toy for cats.

  3. My mother bought me a beautiful machine cat from the distant Beijing city.

    This cats are all silver -white, and their ears have 16 small "endings'. Its eyes are black, a large round triangle, and black and black ones The nose of the triangle, its mouth is small, has six beards, it has four thick and powerful legs. If you open the switch, its tail and eyes will emit red shiny light, it will also emit meow meow meow The cry, if the mouse comes out, will run it.

    I put the machine cat on my learning table. When I am annoyed, as long as I see the cute look of the machine cat, I can continue to write it.

    One night, I had a strange dream while sleeping, and dreamed that my grandson sent a cat -type robot to help me until the 21st century in the 22nd century, and said to me, " I give you a secret code. If you see a "◎" on the wall, it means that he is coming. "When I" wake up ", I suddenly found that a" ◎ "suddenly appeared on the wall next to me, and then "◎" was cracked, and a blue, round thing came out from the inside.

    I I know he is a cat -type robot. What surprised me was that he turned out to be the protagonist cat in my favorite comic book. Just when I hadn't responded yet, he spoke first: "I am a cat -shaped robot from the 22nd century, referred to as 'robot cat'", and he took out a bamboo dragonfly aircraft and said to me, "Come here Let's go to play for a while. "I said," Okay. "We first flew to a big desert. It was very hot, and we didn't bring water, and it felt uncomfortable. At this time, I only listened to the machine cat and said, "Look at me." I felt wet on my body. I only saw the robot cat. It turned out that it took out the "manufacturing weather machine" from the four -dimensional space pocket on the belly and put the rainy card in. When it rains, I feel wet on my body. Then, we flew to a big city, where the air there was dirty, and I cough enough. At this time, the machine cat took out the "green machine" from the enclosure space pocket and turned on the switch. I saw that the air of the city became fresh, the dead tree became a living tree, and even the small tree that the green staff just planted suddenly became a towering tree.

    Sub -then, the machine cat and I played on the earth and went home. As soon as I arrived home, I thought: Where does the machine cat live? At this time, the robot cat seemed to see my mind and said, "It's okay, I have my own home." It said that he took out a "building bean" from the pocket of the enclosure space. Put it in my yard and live.

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