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  1. How to do the cat shop? Follow the cat and take a look. Now more and more people raising pets, family investment in pets is the fastest growth after children. The category of pets is also in the section. Hobbies, single nobles, children, young and celebrity artists let the cat economy stand out in the pet industry. It is a good choice to open a cat shop. Let's see how to do the cat shop:
    Themo shop preparations should be done well. Regarding cat shop equipment and technology, cat shops must have professional beauty tools and maintenance Equipment, the impression left by customers must be professional technology, high -quality store staff, and perform their duties.
    The business must be based on the customer's eyes so that he can buy what he needs. The value of customers may not be the same as us, not to mention that customers are divided into men, women, and children. Therefore, we should try to understand the needs of customers and then meet them. To operate a store, you must use yourself as a purchase of goods for customers so that you can try to understand the needs of customers. Therefore, understanding that customers are the first step in opening a store.
    Kezing the market and business district, because the pet market in each region is different, so you must find a good market to open a cat shop to open a good market foundation for cat shops.
    The pet market is very good now, and it is very good to make money to open a cat shop. Seize the opportunity to succeed. Cats have home, cats!

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