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  1. When the cat is found to be out of the way, first go up the 1 or 2 floors along your house, and the probability of finding is relatively high. At the same time, cats can easily hide where your home is located in different floors (because cats can only remember the approximate position, but cannot remember the specific floor).
    It all floors have been found, but still not found, you can try to find it downstairs. At the same time, if you have friends or family members to help you search together.
    It first allow your friends to go to the community property, because most of the communities now have installed cameras at the entrance and exit of the unit. time.
    This has been determined that the cat has escaped from the unit building through the camera. You can pay attention to the hidden places such as the grass and bushes near the unit building. Because the cat's courage is relatively small, it usually runs to a hidden place first, and it will run to a larger range when you are slowly familiar.
    Extension information
    This prevention of cats' loss
    1. When you want to enter the door or go out, please take a serious see if there are cats behind you! Remember that you are a cat, and you can no longer be as fearless as before. As long as you pay a little attention, the possibility of cats who want to lose through the door is very low.
    2. If someone often travels in your home, you can install a cat fence at the entrance porch. In this way, let the cat keep away from the door, thereby reducing the possibility of cat loss.
    3. Consciously train cats to respond to a behavior. For example, every time you call it, it responds to you, so that the process of searching for future search can be reduced.

  2. Retrieve the cat's method:
    (1) The cat's memory and smell are very good, and the cat recognition is still relying on other positioning methods. Although it runs out, the taste of your garden and nearby must stay in the garden and the nearby taste. It's around, and you can put her rice bowl at the door or the garden
    (2) You are in the dark (the cat is strong in the daytime) near your home, such as near the trash can in the community, To find a certain covering role in the grass, you have to call and call.
    (3) If you can't find it, post a cat in the community.
    (4) Quickly convey information near the place of residence, describe the cat's appearance and personality as much as possible, and ask people who can often observe the external environment to help pay attention. Those elderly people who like to bask in the sun, the staff of the community food stores, and the underlying residents are good choices.
    (5) Half of the cats with a relatively long time, even if they leave home, they usually wander within a hundred meters, unless they are frightened!
    The landlord, everyone in your mood can understand, hurry up! The sooner you go out, the greater the chance of finding! I hope you can get back your cat, and I wish you a collector as soon as possible! come on!
    Is my answer can help you. If you feel satisfied, please adopt the best answer! Thanks!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, please wait! I am inquiring about the relevant information and reply to you immediately!nHello, I am honored to help you answer-Method 1: Find most cats in the nearby area will be where you are often out of the place, and cats like to go high. If your cat is lost and you live in the community, you can find it all by layer. When you look for it, you can call it softly. At the same time, you can bring the cats that cats love to eat. Otherwise, it is easy to scare cats. Method 2: If there is no cat in the building where nearby at night, if there is no cat in the building where you live, you must consider that the cat may have run out. At first, the cat would not run far. Be sure to grasp the golden time for searching. It is the easiest to find within 24 hours. Cats are very wary, they are generally hidden, so the best time to find cats is at night, near the home, such as the trash can in the community, the grass, the garage, etc. Method 3: If you can't find a cat's notice on the first day, it is best to use "human sea tactics" and network forces to paste cat search for cats offline and online. Especially with the strength of the cat friends in the same city, they are all cat -loving people. If there are cats lost, they will be more attentive, many people are strong, and many pets lose cases are found through the Internet. This method is still useful. Method 5: In the case of a stray cat gathering area, if the cat is lost and returned without home, they will go to the nearby stray cat gathering place. You can take the cat bowl used by the cat and the cats it likes to eat. Maybe the cats you lose smell your favorite taste and will take the initiative to come out. At the same time, there will be some rescuers here to feed the cats here for a long time. You can show him the cat's notification. If he sees your cat, please help him to inform you. [Hope to answer your help, dear]nHello, if you are satisfied with Xiaobian's answer, please use your distinguished hands to order a [like]. Your little move is very important for us. Please raise your hands and add a motivation to the editor to add a motivation to Xiaobian ,Many thanks! Intersection Intersectionn1 morenBleak

  4. Why do cats go? First of all, we must figure out which reason the cat goes away. The following is some of the reasons I analyzed:

    The reproductive period has arrived
    The was frightened
    The above is a few reasons why the cats I summarized would run away from home. Don't worry too much, cats will not run too far, call the cat in a kind tone, and wait until the next meal will come back.

    If you adopt new pets, Mommy suddenly disappears, cats because of fear of new partners or jealousy, causing Mommy to leave home. It is best not to let Mommy wait too long. At this time, the cat's heart is very painful, and entangle your master who doesn't love himself anymore.

    If found that your cat's old cat is screaming, it is screaming, because it should be spring, indicating that its reproductive period is here, and the cat is gone. It is best to go out at night, because when cats are in spring, they usually act at night, and the sound of calling is loud, and it is easy to find.

    If the cat is frightened to run away from home, you must figure out what is frightened because of the nearby dogs and firecrackers. It is not safe, and want to find a new owner to leave home. This is because it should be noticed. The cat will find a very remote place to hide.
    The cats are very fragile. When you make any decisions related to them, please remember: what kind of life they will spend, completely in your thoughts! The difference of thought for humans. It is often different for them. The lasting love, carefulness and responsibility can not only avoid many accidents, but also the greatest happiness of cats in this life.

  5. 1. Waiting for him where the cat is not seen, it generally does not run too far, it will hide in the grass for a while, it will not come out during the day, because it is too hot and noisy, it is frightened and dare not come out
    2. Putting the cat's supplies around, I don’t know if it is useful, but when the kitten smells its own taste, I may not dare to come out or run too far
    3. When the kitten is just lost Find for a while, shout more name, let it know that its owner is around, it won't run too far even if it doesn't come out. The kitten may go back for a few days. Lost halfway, it doesn't know where to go home by itself (unless you usually come out)
    4. Do not give up, stray cats are not very good, it is more hard, I can still find it, I can still find it r. nIt, it is best to find it back within 48 hours. It is said that this is the best period of finding a cat. If you lose the kitten, don't worry too much. The hope of finding it in the past two days is very big!
    5. You can entrust pet detectives to find it. On Weibo, a Sun Jinrong specializes in cats and dogs. After all, professional matters must be given to professional people to do it. I hope that cats can go home as soon as possible.

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