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  1. Cat caught people, can cats still ask? I think it depends on what the cat is caught by people. If the cat is caught by the cat for no reason, then you have to think about it. If it is a person who invades the cat, the cat and the injury, then this cat, then this cat, then this cat Then there is no problem to raise, so whether the cat that caught the injured person can continue, it depends on the situation, but I think the cat caught a person once. Consider it, don’t give up easily. After all, he and you are you. With emotion, if you give up him, he has no hope

  2. Cat caught people, depending on what circumstances, if you accidentally caught the injury when you play with people, then there is no problem. Do not play with the cat in the future. If it is another situation, For example, if the cat seems to be sick, when you see someone, you can avoid it everywhere. If you are determined, you ca n’t ask this cat. Quickly find someone to deal with it.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, hello, I am glad to answer it for you. What happens if a cat is caught by a catnCats may also bring pathogens that cause harm to people, such as rabies. If the cat dies suddenly after catching people, at this time, it is necessary to rule out whether the cat was infected with rabies before. If this happens, people must be vaccinated urgently. Then and to fight the anti -serum of rabies. Therefore, during the cat breeding process, cats must be used to vaccines the cat each year.nDear, what else can help you?nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~n3 morenBleak

  4. Of course, since you are raising a cat, you must be responsible to the end, and you can't do it because you make some mistakes.

  5. It is very common for cats to catch people. People can go to the hospital to get rabies vaccine. Cats can continue to be raised. As long as you pay attention to teasing her, bring gloves.

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