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  1. The cat grabbed it without bleeding, no skin, and there was no need to hit rabies virus vaccine needles. The following is the solution:
    1. You can wash it with soapy water. Try not to let the cats scratch or bite, it is easy to be infected.
    2. If it is caught by a cat, not only breaks the skin but also bleeds. Use medical alcohol to clean it repeatedly.
    It went to the hospital for further treatment and injected rabies virus vaccines within 24 hours.
    Is after being bitten or caught by animals such as dogs, cats, wolves, etc., as long as the skin does not be bitten, it is difficult for rabies virus to invade the body through intact skin, but there are traces of dental marks on the skin, so they will leave traces of dental marks, so they will leave traces of dental marks. Can't paralyze. Sometimes although there is no skin injury, the dental mark actually means skin damage that is difficult to detect.
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  2. If you are caught or bitten by animals, it is recommended to clean and disinfect the wound before regardless of the severity. Cats are moderate sensitive to rabies virus. If your cat has regular inoculation of active rabies vaccine, and the skin is not damaged after being caught. Theoretically, rabies vaccine is not needed. Vaccine.

    In the cat caught by a cat, it is generally okay, because the rabies virus contained in cats is relatively low, and the chance of infection with rabies virus will be greatly reduced. There is almost no existence, so don't be nervous.

    It can drink plenty of water and adjust the mentality; if there is a congestion after being caught by a cat, although there is no broken skin, it is necessary to squeeze the congestion, and wash the wound with soapy water or water, and let the wounds, and let the wounds, and let the wounds, and let the wounds, and let the wounds. Rinse the toxins to reduce the absorption of toxins. At the same time, it is to prevent rabies vaccine at the epidemic prevention station within 24 hours to prevent the occurrence of rabies.

    Mu pay attention to diet, do not eat spicy and irritating foods, as well as seafood and foods, closely observe the wound situation, and take oral anti -allergic drugs if necessary to control the condition. If the pain is obvious, the drugs that can take oral analgesic, such as analgesia or stuffing the pain to relieve the symptoms.

    If the cat injection of rabies vaccine, there is no need to inject immunoglobulin. If you do not fight, be bitten or bleed bleeding, it is recommended to go to the hospital. Each city is not the same. Generally, it is about three stitches, which is more troublesome. Generally, injection in 24 hours to 48 hours is effective. Rinse it with water first, and then wipe some alcohol or iodine iodine. Go to the hospital as soon as possible, and worry that if you are infected with rabies virus, there will be no special effects. If you finish the vaccine, it will also have half a year to prevent it.

  3. It is also scratched by the cat caught by the cat. You can rinse it with soapy water for 15 minutes first and disinfect it in time. If the cat has been rabbit for rabies, if the cat does not raise the seedlings, go within 24 hours. Go within 24 hours. Vaccine injection vaccine.

    The cats were caught by the cat without bleeding. It is recommended to inject rabies vaccines throughout the process to avoid rabies.

    Ber rabies are terminally ill and cannot be cured. When the cat is caught by the cat, there is no bleeding, and it is also damaged by the skin. It is recommended to go to the hospital for emergency examination and disinfection and clean it. The doctor said that the rabies must be vaccinated, that is, to fight, but also for their own safety considerations, it is better than not playing.

    In the rabies vaccine must be played at the above time. Do not eat seafood, spicy and other foods during the injection. You can have a positive antibody in the body if you can detect whether the body is generated, so you can rest assured.

    But do not have psychological pressure, just relax, be careful when you get along with animals, and try not to play with animals. Although small animals also like to play with the owner, It is recommended not to play with small animals to avoid being caught.

  4. The fruit is caught or bitten by animals. Regardless of the severity, it is recommended to clean and disinfect the wound first. Cats are moderate sensitive to rabies virus. If your cat has regular inoculation of active rabies vaccine, and the skin is not damaged after being caught. Theoretically, rabies vaccine is not needed. Vaccine. Cat grabbed it for a while without bleeding or bleeding, do n’t you grab it lightly, it ’s painful, no skin and bleeding, and then rinse with water (with water rinse with water for almost 20 minutes before rubbing at the wound) I need to wash it with soap and water for 15 minutes. I do n’t know if I ’m so washing like this. After the rinse, I found that some of the place where the rinse was washed was red because I rushed and rubbed it with soap because I had 20 minutes before and after. Question 1 During the flushing process, is the skin blushing, is it a skin damage? 2 If the virus will enter the human body during the rinse? Is it necessary to get an injection? I hope the doctor will help me answer
    The condition analysis: The cat has no bleeding and damage, it should not be a big problem. There is no need to inject rabies vaccine. It is not a problem to be arrested by cats without bleeding and damage. It should not be injected with rabies vaccine. Broken skin mucosa is caused by rabies virus.
    Puration: Skin lesions or bleeding that are not directly bitten can not be vaccinated. If you are cleaned, it is not a skin lesion. It is recommended to clean and disinfection.

  5. If it is a home -raised cat, there is no big problem with broken skin bleeding. Rinse the water. If the disinfection is disinfected, you must go to the hospital for injections within 24 hours.

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