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  1. To be honest, among the many pets, the face value of cats can be said to be very high. Whether it is a variety of cats or stray cats, it is basically cute. With high face value, cats have also gained a lot of fans with face -to -face control! If you raise cats because of the cats' good -looking, it is best not to raise these varieties of cats, because they are likely to "grow more and more ugly", making it difficult for you to accept.

    The first type: Siamese cat
    Siamese cats were white and tender when they were young, and looked as tender as an egg that had just peeled. But over time, they will become darker and darker, and it is easy to grow into a black appearance. Faced with a cat that looks different from the time when it is pushed by time, the simple face value control is not suitable for raising.
    The second type: Garfield
    Garfield is actually particularly beautiful. It is a cute and cute person with a dull personality. But such a cute Garfield, why is it not suitable for face -to -face control? Because their noses are relatively short, they are particularly prone to tear marks. Once the tear marks occur, their faces will be dirty. And this problem exists most of Garfield. Garfield is a variety that requires careful care. If you don't take good care, you will make it particularly ugly. Don't look at the photos and videos of the Garfield in the video, but if you raise it yourself, it's not the case.
    The third type: British short blue cat
    The British short blue cats will grow more and more ugly, mainly because the blood is not very pure. British short blue cats are the most common popular pet cats, and many families are raising them. But blue cats and blue cats are different. Most of the blue cats who have seen the big blue cats since childhood are very pure, so their own appearance and bone mass are very good, and they will not be ugly. However, there are some black -hearted cat traffickers sold shorts. Due to impure blood, it is easy to become sharp -mouth monkeys and cheeks when they grow up. There is no sense of round and cuteness that this variety should have.
    In fact, the cats themselves have no beauty and ugliness, and their beauty and ugliness are artificially defined. Even if the whole world says your cat is ugly, as long as you think your cat is beautiful, it is enough. Cats are good or not, they need to be kept attentive. I have an ordinary rural raccoon cat. When it was adopted to it, its hair was boring and thinner like a mouse. Later, it was carefully fed for a while. It became round and lovely and very spiritual. Many people also said that it might have beauty or British short blood, so that it would be so rounded.

  2. Some British shorts and beauty are more ugly, because of their pedigree problems, the genes are impure, and they determine that they are more ugly and ugly.

  3. The more ugly varieties of cats are: Canadian hairless cats, Siamese cats, Peter bald cats, Konis rolling cats, and rural cats, also known as native cats.

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