5 thoughts on “Should cats bite?”

  1. If the cat bites, he must hit him hard. Because the cat raises is very wrong, if you do not admit that she may still bite if you meet someone. And this habit will cause great trouble to the owner. So this must be educated. It must be played.

  2. Cats are gradually socialized and gradually like to communicate with the owner.
    But the bite is entering the hunting mode and needs to be corrected, including hitting him.
    The cats bite lightly, or the hands and feet of the owner represent the emotions of dependence and conveying "I love you". There are also reasons why they want to play with the owner and eliminate time.
    and if it is a kitten, bite the possibility of looking for playmates, grinding teeth, and practicing hunting power.

  3. The degree of cat bite is different. According to the situation, if it really bites hard, it must be educated. If it just bites with you, don’t hit it. Don't scare your baby

  4. With the experience of cats I have raised cats, in order to fully enjoy the fun of cats, we must train cats from an early age, let my beloved cat understand the rules, can coexist with the owner, and train cats, including rewards and punishment means. Of course, it is necessary to hit it when it makes mistakes, otherwise there will be no rules, and you will not be able to enjoy the fun of cats. Anyway, my family has never dared to bite me after the basic training that cats had played since childhood. It looks very sensible. But before training, I was very irritable and grasped people.

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