1 thought on “Is the observation method correct for the ten days after being caught by a cat?”

  1. Ten days of observing the cats killed more than 100,000 people.
    The ten -day observation method is actually not applicable to China. It is still very hot abroad. Generally, after being scratched or bitten by cats and dogs, the ten -day observation method will be used to determine whether they will change their rabies. However, rabies have a incubation period. It is recommended not to make a joke with your own statement. You must get a rabies vaccine as soon as possible by wild dogs and wild cats.
    The many people postponed treatment because they blindly worship the tenth observation method, which has caused great security issues! A variety of factors should be considered in 10 days of observation methods, such as whether the exposure area is an infected area, type of wound, severity exposure, clinical manifestations of injured animals and their immune history, possibility isolation and observing injured animals, and laboratory diagnosis. Cabin -free; 10 -day observation methods obviously do not apply to the existing environment of the country. There are many uncertain factors in the eyes of reasonable people. The 10 -day observation method is extremely risky and unreliable.
    The ten -day observation method is limited to family care, or dogs that neighbors are raised by neighbors must observe and get injections. If the dogs observe have no death within ten days, or live longer, then you don't have to worry about it. The next needle can also stop.

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