5 thoughts on “What is the disease of pet dogs often eat chicken liver and duck liver often?”

  1. Pet dogs often eat chicken liver, duck liver:
    1. Calcium deficiency is low in calcium due to high liver phosphorus. Causes puppies or cartilage of adult dogs.
    2, skin itching chickens and duck feed are mostly promoted. Most of these chemicals are metabolized by the liver. Therefore, eating chicken liver for a long time can cause food allergies or chronic accumulation poisoning and easily cause skin diseases.
    3, vitamin A poisoned chicken and duck liver contains a large amount of vitamin A. If you feed with carrots with chicken liver, it will cause the vitamin A of the dog to excess. If it is not discharged in time, it will cause vitamin A to accumulate poisoning, causing pain, lameness, and allegiance and allegiance Diseases such as teeth.
    4, the coagulation of the bleeding body requires calcium participation. If the dog eats liver for a long time, calcium deficiency will cause coagulation dysfunction, and chronic bleeding or acute bleeding will not easily stop bleeding.

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