China Nuclear Group will launch nuclear -powered pet dogs. The shape will be unique. Will such pet dogs like it?

4 thoughts on “China Nuclear Group will launch nuclear -powered pet dogs. The shape will be unique. Will such pet dogs like it?”

  1. China Nuclear Group will launch nuclear -powered pet dogs. The shape is unique. This kind of pet, I think it will be liked by many people, because it has a special shape and a sense of technology. It is different from ordinary pet dogs. It is also more convenient.
    The birth of nuclear -powered pet dogs
    Thenuclear group released a picture of nuclear -powered pet dog modeling, which made many people look very surprised. Because its shape is too chic, many people tease that this is not like pet dogs, but like a nuclear -powered snail. Because its two -eyed high -eyed branch is above, it looks more appropriate to the image of the snail. However, the official response said that this is indeed a nuclear -powered pet dog. Its name is Mi Duo, and it is in the internal test stage. I believe that the market will be launched in the near future. Many people are looking forward to this pet dog and want to have a Mi Duo.
    The shape is really chic
    Core -powered pet dogs will definitely be loved by everyone, because its shape is very chic, which is completely different from ordinary real dogs. It has been separated from the realistic appearance, and it is more technological. It reveals the atmosphere of science and technology all over and down, which makes people feel that it can't afford. But everyone wants to have it very much. The reason why because of the unique shape, it is certain that everyone will fight for it to have it.
    is not the same as ordinary dogs. It is more convenient to feed
    The ordinary pet dogs must usually go downstairs to walk it, but also raise it, but also take some vaccines, etc. It is very important to raise it. The tedious and inconvenient. However, such a nuclear -powered pet dog has got rid of some of the normal breeding of dogs. It is full of technology. I believe that after entering the market, it may only need to perform simple maintenance on it. No need to feed it. It is just a technology product. It is believed that it will be very convenient to raise, and it also reduces the trivial trouble of many dog ​​breeding enthusiasts, so it will definitely be loved by everyone.

  2. Personally, I think that this one -like pet dog will attract people. Many people are busy now. There is no time to walk the dog at all. Such pet dogs will accompany themselves, and they will definitely attract people.

  3. It will definitely make people like it, it looks particularly cute, the shape is very chic, making me really love. Mi Duo's shape is really great, and I like it very much. Very cute.

  4. It won't be attractive. Although this kind of pet dog looks unique, such pet dogs are not particularly good, nor can it play a role of companionship.

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