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  1. There are many reasons for dogs to eat human feces, which are mainly divided into medical reasons or behaviors.
    The medical reasons include trace element deficiency, incomplete pancreatic function, poor intestinal absorption, and gastrointestinal parasites. Dogs with dry food and dry food are more likely to eat feces, so as to make up for chronic enzyme deficiency, supplement the lack of trace elements.
    The behavior of behavior includes anxiety, stress, and scarce food, and even some dogs learn to eat shit with other dogs.

  2. It is a very headache to eat shit, especially puppy. Sometimes you do n’t pay attention to it, it will eat the BB that just pulls. What is the reason? Is it really because the dog can't change the shit? There are two reasons for dogs: 1. Lack of some elements or minerals in the dog's body: This situation is mostly caused by the food that dogs eat people, but they do not develop a good habit of eating dog food. The things are relatively single. Dogs will lack some elements for a long time, and the dogs will have wall skin, soil, or stool. 2. Dogs are born with bad habits: This situation mainly appears on puppies. For young puppies, they are not unable to eat, and they always have hunger when they grow and develop. It is not a disgusting thing for them. After eating it once, if the BB is pulled and not cleaned up in time, it will eat it for the second or third time. For the two situations above, you can use the following methods to allow dogs to stop eating shit: 1. For dogs that lack elements: animal hospitals have special composite elements and minerals of minerals, give the dogs in weight Taking quantitatively. In addition, it is also important to make dogs develop dog food. Even if it is difficult to make the dogs who are accustomed to food, they can be changed to dog food at once, and they should work hard in this direction. For example, add some dog food in the rice that it is used to eating, and then add less, and gradually increase the increase. Essence 2. The bad habit of eating BB for dogs: The correction of puppies to eat stool requires you more attention to it. First of all, dogs are usually one or two hours after eating. During this time, special attention should be paid to it. It will be cleaned in time as soon as it pulls the BB. BB can be eaten. In addition, if a dog is found to eat shit, it will stop it immediately and severely criticize it to let it know that he is wrong. But when it is eating, if it just criticizes it when it is pulled or just moved to shit, it will cause it to misunderstand, thinking that pulling BB is a wrong thing, and it is easier to eat the shit in the future. Essence Scientific feeding is also very important. The amount and time of feeding are relatively fixed, allowing dogs to develop the habit of fixed -point eating. I have not tried to stop dogs eating shit. I have been excerpted below for your reference: 1. Sprinkle the dogs that dogs do not like on the dogs, such as pepper and the like; 2. In dogs Add something to the food, so that the dogs can be pulled out, it has the taste that it does not like, such as adding garlic (onion cannot be added, because it contains harmful ingredients to the dog); Dogs eat shit because shit contains some undigested nutritional ingredients, so you should take some digestive drugs for dogs to stop dogs eating shit. Anyway, I personally think that for dogs who eat shit because of bad habits, timely cleaning up is the most effective way to stop dog eating shit. If you persist for a while, the dog will naturally change the bad habit of eating shit. If you can help you solve the problem, you hope you can click "Adopt" and raise your hand, and will encourage us to continue to answer questions about other QQ netizens.

  3. It is recommended that you buy a bottle: multi -dimensional calcium tablets. My dog ​​has also encountered the problem of eating shit. It is mainly lacking vitamins and some trace elements. Some dogs are serious and even eat wall skin. My dog ​​no longer eats shit a month ago, just smelled or walked away immediately. And when you clean up its stool in the future, try not to let it see, because there is another factor that the dog thinks this is delicious! Hehe, but the vitamin is rejected! I also have an introduction to paste here, maybe it is helpful to you, (must supplement vitamins first!)
    The improvement of dogs' stool

    In addition, there is not much health hazard to dogs, but sometimes there will be parasites, bacteria or molds in the stool. Dogs that eat stool will inevitably get sick. Therefore, it is better to change the dogs to eat shit. The following provides a way to improve dogs.

    1. Reduce the sense of urgency of dog life: try to make the dog's life regularly, do not raise the dogs on people or dogs to come and go. Measured food and let the dog exercise moderately.

    2. Correct corrective training: Dogs are very forgetful, and the ability to develop logic is also limited, so you need patience when training dogs. In principle, it is best to let the dog know that it is doing something wrong immediately. When it is doing it, it is told that it will be punished after the incident has moved. Knowing the wrong thing, the attitude of punishment must be strict and firm, otherwise the dog will think you are playing with it! But do n’t use it, because when the dog is scared, it ’s either injured him or cause a psychological shadow.

    Is when teaching or correcting dog behavior, it is best to give the dog the same every time, so that it can quickly know "what it will do if it is done." Therefore, if your dog wants to smell its stool, it must be stopped immediately, but the method of corporal punishment should not be used, otherwise it may be reversed; if the dog has eaten the stool, do not have any penalties, because it is not necessary to have any penalties because it is because the dog has eaten. It doesn't know why you punish it?

    of course, you can also use praise and encouragement. For example, when you walk away after the dog's stool, you can praise it, or encourage it with movement, and seduce food. Change it.

    3. Proper "clear stool" action: Dogs are always rough and leafy, careless, but it must be very concerned about your movements, it is "watching you" at any time. Therefore, if your dog will care about you to clear his stool, remember to divert its attention before acting, and the cleaning action should not be too big or irritable.

    4. Moderate game recreation: If the owner plays with a dog for dozens of minutes every day, or toys that give your dog's mouth health care, you can avoid the dog from playing or eating stool because of boredom or stool. Essence

    5. Replace the suitable food: choose better feeds of fat and protein, it is best to let puppies eat at least four meals a day and eat two meals a day to avoid the dog's hungry too much. Nutritional is uneven or too fast or indigestion and absorption. In addition, adding digestive enzymes can also help digestion, thereby preventing dogs from eating stool due to digestive problems.

    6. Salt transformation plan: There is a product called exorcist (anti -wolf spray) on the market, spray it on the stool, or add pepper and pepper to the stool to let the dog be the dog The smell of stool does not like to stay away from it.

    7. Seeing a doctor: If the above method still cannot solve the problem of dogs eating stool, then you must consider whether it may be caused by internal medicine. Cause treatment.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I am a Chinese national practicing veterinarian Dr. Bestbo. I have worked in clinical practice for many years and I am glad to communicate with you ~ I will solve the problem for you next. Thank you for your trust. Please explain your problems and explain the gender of pets, types, age, sterilization, deworming, and whether immunity is fulfilled. So that I can help you do a better diagnosis. Reminder: Baidu replies on Baidu, "You can only send 6 times" what you want to say on your sidenHello, how old is pets? Did you do insect repellent and vaccine? What is the mental state of pets? Does pets still have appetite, whether pets have vomiting and diarrhea at the same time, what do pets eat recently? The above questions need to be answered carefully so that I can give you a better diagnosis and suggestionnQuestion simply asknWhy do dogs like to eat BabanAnswer Hello, if the dog eats shit, it is likely to be a lack of trace elements. Supplementary trace elements will effectively reduce this situation.nAsk my dog ​​and say that it likes Baba's tastenAnswer, every time he goes to the toilet, you look at it, don't let him continue eating againnAsk questions, thank youn6 morenBleak

  5. Generally speaking, the behavior of dogs eat shit can be divided into three factors: the nature, behavioral reactions and physiological reactions of dogs. Do you eat your dog?
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