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  1. The types of small dogs are suitable for home support:
    1, Chihuahua
    Chihuahua is one of the oldest dogs that people know at present. They are native to the Americas and have a deep and close relationship with the ancient civilization of Mexico. Chihuahua is the smallest of small dog species. It is elegant, vigilant, and fast. It is widely loved by people with a well -proportioned body and petite body.
    2, poodle
    The poodle is a kind of agile, clever and elegant pet dog. The rectangular body is well-proportioned, and the pace is strong and confident. It is a strong player in obedience. , Weight 2-3kg.
    3, butterfly dog ​​
    butterfly dog, English name is Papillon, also known as butterfly ear dog and Babylonian dog, because the long hair on the ears is decorated, it is named as a dancing butterfly. The height is 20-28 cm, weighs 2-5 kg, and life span is 10-14 years old. It originated in the 16th century, native to Spain, and is one of the oldest varieties in Europe.
    4, French bullfighting dog
    French cattle originated in France. These dogs matched with Bagu dogs and other stubborn dogs to produce this dog today. At that time, this dog was loved by local ladies. French bulldog is a lively, clever, muscular dog, with heavy bones, smooth back hair, compact structure, and small body shape.
    5, Corgi dog
    Corki dogs have always been pets of the British royal family. The proportion of the side contours of the entire body is much greater than height. The tail position is very low, and it looks like a fox tail. The overall impression is: beautiful, powerful small dogs.

  2. Small dogs are suitable for home -raising dogs, including Chihuahua, mini poodles, Beijing Haba dogs, and Chinese pastoral dogs.
    1, Chisha.
    Chihuahua is a relatively small dog, and the shape is relatively small, which looks very docile. But parents must not be confused by its appearance. This dog is quite naughty, and some behaviors are unpredictable.
    Sometimes it will be sudden, bite you gently, so if you have children at home, it is recommended not to support Chihuahua. If the dog finds that the parents bring back other strange dogs, the Chihuahua's possessiveness is quite strong, and it will scream to show its dissatisfaction. But the dog is very loyal to the owner, and it can get along well with the cats at home.
    2, mini poodle.
    Speaking of the poodle, it has to say its sensitivity and shyness. When treating strangers, it often shows relatively indifferent. In fact, this is just a manifestation of its shyness. This dog is generally only suitable for staying with his owner.
    If parents take it to a strange environment, it can slowly adapt. One of the major features of mini poodles is that they can play with their children in their own homes well. Although the dog is a little introverted, it is a very competent playmate as a child.
    3, Beijing Haba dog.
    The dogs should not be too cute. If you train it from an early age, the dog's obedience is quite high, and it is particularly easy to make the owner happy. Beijing Haba dog actually enjoys his owner's knee very much and accompanies the owner.
    If parents have time to play with it. And Beijing Haba dogs also like to play with children. Another biggest feature is that hair loss is not often lost. After training, Haba dogs can also become, knowing the "beautiful man" who is quiet.
    4, Chinese pastoral dog.
    This dogs also belong to Chinese breeds. And it looks like a wolf, but its personality is very docile. This dog's loyalty is quite high, and it is very easy to raise. There will be no picky phenomenon. It is one of the most common dog species in rural areas, and is generally used as a home nursing home.

  3. Husky, Labrador, Teddy, Bear and so on.
    recognized three major offensive animals, golden retriever, Labrador, Husky, the breeding environment requires a lot, suitable for fed young people with strong body. Cute small dogs, teddy, bichon, etc., are suitable for feeding the small and weak and petite elderly and children. There are many varieties of domestic care. The owner can buy according to his own love. In daily feeding, you must give it nutritious dog food, regularly deworming and vaccination for it, and prevent the disease. grow up.
    The dogs suitable for home support generally have the characteristics of docile, not hairy, noisy, and hair care. However, according to the owner's economic conditions, breeding environment, breeding owners, and different loves that are suitable for home support, there are also different animals.

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