6 thoughts on “What to do if you are afraid of dogs?”

  1. Hello:
    This should be a very common single phobia. Now the more effective therapy is
    1. Hypnosis therapy.
    Mana in hypnosis to let your girlfriend recall the clip of childhood, and then defeat the dog under the guidance of the hypnotist.

    . Cognitive therapy
    lets your girlfriend realize that dogs are not terrible, especially puppy. In the early stage, you can find some dogs with a small courage, and you can run immediately when you see people with sticks or stones. Then let your girlfriend hold the stick or stone to face it, so that she can realize that she can defeat the dog. During this period, you must keep telling your girlfriend that dogs are not terrible animals and fully show that you can protect her.

    It hope to help your girlfriend.

  2. This is the fear of dogs ..

    The system desensitization therapy can be used to establish fear levels, from low -level fear to advanced fear to alleviate one by one.
    It first show her the dog's picture, guide her front and tell her that the dog is not terrible.
    In the next time she can imagine to meet a dog on the road. At this time, she may be nervous. You can tell her that you will protect her and let her face it bravely.
    It, when she imagined that she was not afraid to meet a dog, she could hold her a real dog to see her. After gradually adapting, touch the dog with your help and slowly play with the dog.

    This This is a long process. You need your patience. If you are afraid that you do n’t operate well, you can also go to a special psychological counseling agency for consultation. The effect will be better.

  3. Afraid, the dog is okay if it passes. She is afraid of dogs, and she grows up smoothly. This psychological problem can be ignored and has no impact on life. If you love her, you should accept this indifferent shortcoming.

  4. This is also the case for my friend. There is still a big dog in the family, and I am still afraid of others. She was bitten by a dog as a child, and she was afraid until now. I have tried many methods that are not very effective. What is more useful is that she has more contact with the dog's environment. To take it slowly, this fear is gradually eliminated. It is not a day or two things. I need to be patient! good luck!

  5. I am also afraid of dogs from a young age, especially soil dogs and hunting dogs, because in the past, when my grandma's house was jumped by the soil dog, it was chased by other native dogs. Dogs and hunting dogs, I leave it far away.

  6. The friends upstairs have a good answer. This is a very common psychological obstacle. Many methods can be treated. The recommended system desensitization, easy to learn, and the efficacy is fast.

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