1 thought on “Where to buy dogs in Yunnan, where is the best price of dog Germany?”

  1. There are dogs selling dogs in many places,
    but reminding the landlord that it is better not to go to the pet shop, really.
    The reason is very simple. Pet shops are all sitting on the ground. Many people think that the dogs of pet shops are good. In fact, it is not the case. And dog health may not be guaranteed
    . It is best to buy it with acquaintances, but the disadvantage is that it is not guaranteed. I have a sick and bear it myself.
    The also is to go to a regular website. Baby and love dog group are good. Baby it sells racing dogs, expensive but good quality. Love dog group is cost -effective and good service. If German Mu product is good, it should be three or four thousand. Hope to adopt ~!

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