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  1. Generally, eat less meals, and fix the number of daily feeding times. Generally, dogs who are about four times
    are breastfeeding before the age of January. Breast milk. If breastfeeding is missing before January, the dog's resistance will weaken, and it will be easy to hang out. Dogs with less breast milk may be worse when growing up.
    If you want to raise a dog, it is best not to choose to buy a dog before January.
    The dogs that just weaned can not feed dog food directly. Some novices do not understand. Immediately after the dog is weaned, put on milk cake or puppies. Dogs who have been eating breast milk suddenly only eat dog food. Their digestive system may not be able to bear it, leading to vomiting and dilute. The puppies gobbled, and often swallowed without slowly chewing. When the gastrointestinal development is incomplete, it is easy to have problems.
    This dogs need to transition during the weaning period. The owner can soak the milk cake or puppies with "not greasy pet goat milk powder" and then feed the puppy.
    It the answer to help you, other questions want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

  2. Dogs that just full moon are just weaned, so they pay special attention to their diet. Due to the sudden changes in living conditions, they often look uneasy, lose their appetite, and are prone to illness. How to feed the dog at this time, how to care, is it correct?
    . Residence environment
    The site where puppy will settle: you need to choose quiet, dry and humidity, good ventilation, warm winter and cool summer, easy to clean. Dog cage: The best electrostatic paint dog cage and stainless steel dog cage are the best. Wood is easily bitten by puppies and causes gastrointestinal discomfort. When the puppy has decided to rest, the owner must consider which location in the home or yard should be listed as the restricted area. In order to make the training at home easier, try to limit the freedom of the new puppy at home and the yard.
    . In terms of diet
    This puppies have not been fully developed, the digestive system is not perfect, and the bones of puppies are still developing. It is recommended to choose sheep milk powder or puppies with high calcium content. The molecular structure of these foods is small, it is easy to absorb and digest. It is more suitable for dogs during the puppies. It is also rich in nutrition. Essence Feeding principles: A. The weight of feeding is not too much, but the number of feeding is a little more, and it is advisable to 3 to 4 times a day. B. The puppies are soaked and then fed, which is easy to digest and absorb.
    . Life habits
    (1) Everyone understands that puppy just likes to bite things. These things may include furniture, slippers, and pipelines in the home. However, it should be remembered that the behavior of puppy bite is very normal. Therefore, it provides safe toys to meet this needs. The kitchen garbage must be placed in the garage or a higher place to make the puppy unable to contact and avoid damage.
    (2) Dogs who are the most headache for parents are urinating. If you want the dogs to not do this, pay attention to training from childhood, and specify the place where it urinates. Take it to a fixed place after dinner and let it know that its toilet is there. If you want to put the newspaper on the ground when it is about to urinate. After several times, the smart puppy will be correct. When the stool was stool, it was necessary to praise, encourage, and praise it. It was a smart puppy smart puppy. If the location was wrong, it would be corrected in time, cleaned that place, and let it find it next time. The muscles cannot be controlled, the puppy is too afraid or excited, it will urinate, and it will be fine when growing up. This will be remembered about three or four days. This training requires extreme patience and love, and the dog can understand in a few days. The owner needs to be repeatedly educated before there will be results!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer hello, feeding puppies should pay attention to ① less meals, puppies have poor digestive ability, and they are not sure about satiety. They need to feed less meals to prevent flatulence. ② Only feed pet milk powder or pet milk cake. Do not feed human food, causing puppies to gastrointestinal confusion. ③ Time feeding, develop good habits of dogs and help socialization. ④ Refusing to feed snacks to avoid puppies from picking eaters.

  4. 1

    must not feed milk.
    (It is easy to let the fragile little life died)

    This to buy a professional dog milk powder to feed it,
    The weaning after day.
    The second month with dog milk powder soaked soft puppies.
    In every day
    In appropriate amount of water. Don't eat anything else.

    , usually the sun is out, take it out to bask in the sun and breathe fresh air, which is very helpful for

    , do not take a bath
    It really dirty and wipe it with a hot towel.

    . The insulation work should be done well. Now it is still cold. If possible, of course, the thermostat is the best. If you want to take the material for
    , use a paper leather box to spread a thick quilt. The indoor temperature must not be low at night.

    , don't take it to the street. At this time, its immunity was still very low, and there was no mother's milk, which was easy to get sick.

    When the month is old, take the vaccine to the hospital.

    This is my experience,
    It hope it will be helpful to you.
    (Each one is very important,
    Such a small
    not conscientiously taking care of
    is easy to get problems.

    important supplements,
    The feeding should not be too much,
    to eat less meals,
    one day
    meals Essence
    depends on the variety of
    It must not eat as much as it likes, it must have a problem. I would rather let it be hungry, and don't let it support it. I really don't know
    . I touch my stomach. The stomach is fed too much.

    The ten guidelines for rational breeding
    . Give the dog a lot of water

    The cold water for the dog to drink at any time,
    and change the water frequently,

    0 per kilogram of water consumption per day at least
    mm, while puppies, breastfeeding female dogs, working dogs, or water consumed under the hot climate.

    . Gradually change food

    The diet of dogs should gradually change,
    will transition for a week,
    This of the dog's intestines can adapt to the foods of food than humans' intestinal tiny objects, so
    Therefore, it can restore
    This function is used to digest new food.

    . Regular feeding

    The biggest happiness of the dog is to eat the same food from the same plate every day.
    The number of meals depends on the physiological status of the dog, and its physiological state should be evaluated frequently.

    . Control the amount of food

    The amount of food per food depends on the energy and heat contained in the food required by the animals daily.
    The amount of food
    The size should be recalculated frequently to avoid obesity, and it should also be adjusted with changes in the dog's weight.

    . Diet balance

    Whether food is homemade or commercial food,
    should contain all nutrients needed by dogs,
    medium or large dog breed

    breeding, exercise
    , age
    puppies, adult dogs, middle -aged dogs or elderly dogs
    The compatibility, the proportion of time is needed
    The adaptation to the state of illness.

    . Carefully choose food

    The choice of food is important.
    First of all, consider nutritional balance,
    The two standards to choose foods that are suitable for dogs:
    puppies, adult dogs, middle -aged dogs, middle -aged dogs Or the elderly dog ​​
    , the level of sports or physiological activities
    good active dogs,
    sports dogs and breeding dogs n)
    and size
    small, medium or large

    . Reasonable feeding

    The method of feeding is as important as the component in food.
    Therefore, when
    When a commercial food is fed,
    must strictly abide by
    merchant instructions. When feeding homemade food, some ideas should be eliminated, that is, "my dog ​​eats what I eat", "
    This dogs eat what it likes to eat" or "my dog ​​is just eating".
    should not have the table in dog food
    The residue, sweets, sugar pieces, cakes and chocolates.

    The dog cannot eat


    This can not eat bones, especially the sharp bones such as chickens and ducks.


    This can not eat liver for a long time, because long -term consumption can cause vitamins
    excessive or even poisoning.


    This can not eat foods such as shallots, onions, and some dogs can cause this kind of food to cause cell hemolysis and urine


    The dogs cannot eat chocolate. Some dogs are excited after eating, and chocolate contains a lot of sugar, which is harmful to the health of


    This can not eat allergic foods such as seafood.


    This can not eat high sugar, high -fat, and high salt foods. High -sugar and high -fat foods can easily make dogs gain weight and seduce
    The hair of a series of diseases; excessive salt points will inevitably increase the burden on kidney excretion, affect the health of the kidneys, break the body
    , and cause various skin diseases to cause various skin diseases Essence


    milk can cause dog diarrhea.

    The feeding of puppies


    The puppies just bought home
    at least one week before bathing
    n Top to note
    This vaccine
    before immunity

    The recommended puppies and dog food for dogs
    r n


    Remember not to give the dog milk
    The chocolate

    This than salty
    This too spicy and cold foods
    of course
    Bone must not be fed
    mad to feed the liver and seafood


    Meor dogs to develop good habits from an early age
    If of bad habits
    n when punish the dog
    can lowly roar down first
    and then roll up with a newspaper
    . Try not to use your hands as much as possible Go directly to


    In bathing for dogs. Be careful not to cool
    In the hair dryer to dry the dog completely
    humid hair will be attracted to the cindee of wet hair will be cited.
    The parasitic of mites


    Inned dogs to go out from a small child
    So avoid the dog too timid


    The closer to the dog
    But pay attention to grasp a degree
    R n do not feed milk

    best is dog milk powder
    Young toddler milk powder

    . After rushing, you can drop a little on your back of your hand
    n If you feed the puppy with a bottle, you can change the syringe
    Push it to eat it
    must be slow,
    R n is very dangerous, be patient
    can not eat too much at a time
    n generally interlaced
    It hour once an hour
    will also be too hard to feed „„, but you must not give up them, The puppy
    is really cute.

    mu not
    is because it is too small
    Such small dogs are all bitches to lick them

    You can use wet paper towel cotton cloth and so on to gently wipe it in a dog
    n ~~
    don't worry about

    Is when the bitch dies

    The is how we feed the puppy
    is good for long
    and feeding big puppies like this will be close to you
    ~ n
    When you have no teeth,

    In it is best to use milk and egg yolk to feed

    when you are a little larger, you can use dog food

    Breast milk

    The weaning of the dog is
    In day

    Baby formula milk powder

    to two
    a month, you can feed baby rice noodles

    Otherwise, the stomach will not be able to bear

    is not easy to eliminate

    The system is not perfect

    If it will be called

    because it is not full

    The principle

    It is recommended to feed before going to bed

    It some formula milk powder

    If the dog is three months
    In months, it is recommended to use mobile food puppies to digest

    The burden

    It grows up to grow a little grinding meat porridge for it to drink

    n but not eating more salt

    but also
    It you can use special puppies and dog food

    n to soak the dog food for it

    This dog food is rich in nutrition

    New eating dog food can meet the needs of dogs

    do not feed people food

    For example, food

    Salt is too high

    This is too much

    It is not recommended to eat dogs

    The and I have a friend who feeds the bone for the dog to eat

    Come out

    to avoid these situations

    still take less

    and the dog does not digest

    Don't give

    will cause severe calcium deficiency

    and convulsions

    long -term down will cause poisoning

    Give it more meat

    This is not good

    Few people will feed the same food like the original owner,
    It is not a brand with dog food
    and dog vendors will not be willing to buy dog ​​food to feed puppies,
    So I suggest you use puppies and dog food to feed dogs with dog food ,
    , such as
    This dogs are too small, you can use dog milk powder to feed puppy,
    In a little lactase in the milk powder,
    Adapt to diarrhea,
    slowly add dog food to milk,
    do not use milk,
    milk general puppies will be abdomen when drinking
    Cause dehydration.
    During this period, some "Michael" can be prepared at home to prevent puppy diarrhea,
    bad. Do not feed any snacks in other foods
    The food can cause puppy poisoning or allergies,
    The food names to the website search for detailed introduction
    . After the puppy wakes up
    minutes, rice

    mi will be excreted in minutes,
    So you can do it at this time Preparation,
    The province was caught off guard.
    . When puppy sleeps
    is relatively long,
    one day should be at
    about an hour,
    R n is completely normal,
    This is not a neurological symptoms caused by dog ​​plague or poisoning.

    The general management should include:
    The regular inoculation dog vaccine,
    regularly deworming,
    provided full -price and balanced foods and
    Daily care Essence

    Daily care involves: puppies' toys. Bathing and hair combing.

    This puppies are active, and they like to bite items when they are long teeth. Therefore, toys are necessary for puppies. Generally, puppies like
    able toys,
    This should not be too small,
    The should not be torn to prevent accidental food.
    The on the market is available.
    Preded into a dog stick of various shapes.
    The dog shoes or dog bone sticks,
    The dog toys on the Bao Road,
    because it is made of animal tissue
    Playing with bite, eating can also have a nutritional effect, it is
    The excellent alternative to avoid puppies to bite home items.

    The bathing is necessary,
    but pay attention to the choice of fragrance,
    bathing method and number of times.
    Because the surface of the dog and the human skin
    has different values ​​(acid and alkali), so people with shampoo are not necessarily suitable for dogs. The dog has no sweat glands. The most
    is the best explanation in accordance with the dosage. First pour the shampoo incense into the water, stir well, and then put the dog in the bathtub to take a bath, instead of
    The hair was on the hair.

    The number of baths is very important. For the health of the dog's fur, it is generally recommended that every
    , summer
    It once a day.
    is too frequent,
    is not good for the fur of the dog.
    also easily causes mites,
    fungal or bacterial infections.

  5. The first entry of the house
    1, the little dog who is brought back for the first time will feel irresistible. You should restrict it in a house and let it observe the new environment, but to accompany it so that it is not afraid. Before it goes home, prepare food, food bowl, toys for bite, a comfortable bed. A big fence. This fence will soon become its private house. You can see everything in the family. Prepare water. Toys can inspire dogs' interest and cultivate the feelings of the owner.
    2. Take safety measures at home
    The puppies are curious and will explore any new objects by sniffing and bite. You should take some simple measures to remove the fragile objects, and ensure that puppies will not bite dangerous substances like wires. Pay attention to whether all the power sockets of all electrical appliances are turned off. Chili oil can prevent puppies from biting things.
    The danger in the home: In order to prevent puppies from going out, the door is locked and the low window is closed. Put the wires and decorative materials where the puppies are not enough. Temporarily remove valuables and emotional items until the puppies have been bitten. Mo the fragile items.
    The diet
    1, food suitable for puppies
    (1) Foods for puppies such as dog food and cans: I generally use the puppies of Baolu, puppies, dog food It is the French puppies, or the Baolu Yiwei puppies. I personally think that the royal family is the best, but it is a bit expensive. However, these foods are used to feed dogs for more than two months, because I feed the Chihuahua, and it takes more than two months to eat it.
    (2) The milk powder used by puppies has a dedicated puppy milk powder, but I haven't bought it. Hehe, I use abandoned milk powder, which is Nestle's Li Duo fine milk powder, but I want to buy bags. The first time I bought a barrel. The good guy did not finish it for several months. If it is a large dog, you can buy it into a barrel.
    (3) The advantage of egg yolk and yolk is not only rich in protein, but also vitamin A, calcium and minerals that are easy to digest and absorb. (4) Although meat cows, pigs, chicken, etc. are excellent foods, when feeding puppies, it is necessary to choose parts without fat because fat is easy to deteriorate. But to feed them, don't feed raw meat! 2. Foods that are not suitable for puppies (1) Frozen milk
    (2) meat containing a large amount of fat. (3) Sour, spicy, salty and other irritating foods.
    (4) Small bones large and medium -sized puppies can feed it with large bones rich in calcium. Do not feed chicken, fish, duck bones, etc.
    Why do dogs take regular vaccines?
    The vaccination can allow dogs to obtain specific resistance to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of infectious diseases. In the usual plan, the health dogs should be vaccinated with alpha seven colors of seedlings, including rabies, dog plague, small viruses of dogs, infectious hepatitis of dogs, pirates of dog hooks, canine hook -end spirals, canine hemorrhagic jaundice hook spiral bodies Essence Among them, rabies are extremely severe human and animals, so the state designated vaccine injection regularly. Secondly, the di -combined seedlings include canine plague and small viruses. The incidence and mortality of the disease caused by these two viruses are extremely high. In order to ensure the health of the dog, the owner of the dog must not be injected with the vaccine.
    when to drive insects for dogs?
    Generally I suggest that dogs can only drive insects in 8 weeks, and then repeofully deworming every 3 weeks until 16 weeks. I have a post in deworming, you can take a look.
    What cases do you want puppies to see veterinarians?
    The eyes have a large amount of tears or pus -like secretions, do not like to open. Nasal mirrors have water droplets, mucus -like secretions. Dry, cracking. There are odors in the ears, and secretions. Substation of appetite. Cough, diarrhea, convulsions, nodules, vomiting, blood or insect body during defecation, thinness, lack of mental, swelling of the skin, itching, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red Points, hair removal, bleeding. Labor. Constipation, hematuria. Any symptoms on the above must contact your veterinarian.

    not every animal owner knows how to correctly raise dogs, cats and animals, especially how to prevent diseases and animals in cooperation with veterinarians to recover animals as soon as possible. It requires professional knowledge. The misunderstanding of the animal owner lies in the following aspects:
    1. It is thought that the animals need to be replenished after the illness, and the animal with a high protein content for gastroenteritis is given to the animal. Correct;
    3, thinking that a doctor can be cured by animals at once, lack of understanding of different diseases; 4. Diagnosis of non -confident veterinarians;
    5, thinking that new medicines must be better than old medicines;
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