5 thoughts on “How can a dog die”

  1. one. Do not get the vaccine, find a dog warm, and the small sick dogs play in one piece.
    . Fate feeding fat, bones, ham sausages, let it be thinner.
    . Take a shower frequently, take a motorcycle immediately, let it have a snot and fall.
    . Put it at a high place, be sure to let it down.
    . When you are sick, find a pet hospital with more sick dogs. Do not follow the dose.
    . Find a place where the environment is very dirty, tide and overcast, bounce it, and fall into a lungs or skin skin every day. Don't feed it when you are busy.
    7. Feeding dogs and eating chocolate and letting dogs poison.
    This above seemingly love dogs, in fact, it is to make your dog dead quickly, so don't do this!

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