4 thoughts on “There is a dog in the home. Do you need to take a bath every day?”

  1. As human beings, especially southerners, bathing every day is naturally not natural, showering becomes a necessary link every day; especially if you have a big sweat on the same day, you can take a bath quickly, and feel that you are very comfortable. But as a dog, they do not seem to have such troubles in their lives, and they don't care how bad they smell them. Some dogs may also enjoy some smell on the body. But when dogs have become members of our family, hygiene is one of the indicators of whether we take good care of dogs. Especially if the dog's skin is relatively poor, it needs to be cleaned more carefully. So basically the dogs raised by the family need to take a bath, especially after they have carried out a lot of activities outdoors.
    The frequency of bathing for dogs to adapt to family life in Gully, most dogs still accept the bath (even if they are reluctant, but they will not be very resistant). After all, if you are covered with dirty things, They are still uncomfortable. Generally speaking, we will keep the frequency of taking a shower for dogs for 1-2 weeks.
    But not to say that all dogs must be performed at this frequency, and specific ones need to see the hair and skin status of the dog.
    a. If the dog is an oily skin (sebum overflow), this is a condition. We can use a medicinal bath to help the dog alleviate this symptom; in this state Suggest.

    b. If the dog's skin is relatively dry and the hair is a bit sliced, the frequency of bathing the dog should be reduced, which can be washed every 2 or 3 weeks.
    c. If the dog is using the external drugs of flea and tapeworms, then do not let the dog take a bath within 72 days. At the same time, although dogs have dedicated shampoos, these substances are also important to contact the dog's skin. Do not let shampoo stay on the dog for a long time.
    How to make dogs adapt to bathing and bathing. From the dog itself, it does not like it, so we need to teach dogs to accept bathing, and even let some dogs fall in love with it. If they are trained dogs, they will not refuse to take a bath. This is equivalent to them. If there is no training, then follow the steps step by step. We need to make dogs get used to wet hair and head hair, especially when taking a bath for puppies, if they show very scared, we don’t force it to make it slowly adapt to it. Eat something to make it feel that this place is a good place; then let the water flow out slowly, debug the temperature, and slowly approach the dog, let it gradually get wet.
    The benefits of bathing dogs to clean hair and bathing not only make them clean and hygienic. The process of bathing is also the opportunity to understand the state of dogs. Because the dog's hair is wet, it is easier to check its skin. You can see if there are drums or scars on it, scabs or masses, and so on. If you really find these, we can take the dog to the hospital as soon as possible; not for a few months, the dog's long hair completely blocks the skin's condition.

  2. In fact, you do n’t need to take a bath for the dog every day. It ’s good to wash it once every time, and bathing the dog every day will also have a bad impact on the dog's body.

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