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  1. Generally speaking, pet dogs are stinky, and there may be the following factors: dogs are inflamed, anal glands are inflamed, skin diseases and indigestion. These factors can cause body odor. Pet dogs’ ears need to be cleaned regularly. The smell on the dog’s body comes from the ears. If daily cleaning care is ignored, the ears are prone to parasitic mites or inflammation, and the ears are itchy and odor. The use of earwax can be cleaned up to remove the smell in the ear, which is conducive to the health of the dog; using drop -ear oil can be treated with inflammatory ear. The smell of the dog mainly comes from the glands that grow on both sides of the anus. The anal glands have the function of helping the dog to identify the identity. Because each dog’s anal glands have different tastes, the dogs do the most commonly when they meet In addition to kissing each other, the action is to smell each other’s ass. In addition, when a dog lives in the wild, the anal glandular fluid is left on the grass through the grass to indicate the scope of the dog’s influence. However, the dogs living at home, because the amount of exercise is not large and the muscle strength of the legs is reduced, and the excess anal glands cannot be pushed out, causing the anal glands to block and swell. Taste, which causes inflammation and bleeding or even rupture, so the dog will be smelly at this time. If this is the case. When the dog owner often takes a bath, when he takes a bath, the secretion agent in the gland is better. In the bath, wearing disposable gloves, the index finger stretches into the anus of the golden retriever, and press it with a light dose with the thumb. It will be difficult to squeeze at first. With a little force, the golden retriever may feel a little painful and uncomfortable. It’s right. The decrease in antibacterial antibacterialness of dogs will also make bacteria easily invade the dog’s body. It will be very harmful to the dog’s body in the long run, and it will also become stinky, especially when it is affectionate with the owner, it will make the dog owner. Dodge San She. What should I do at this time? In fact, effectively controlling the dog’s dental stones can make the dog have a good breath.

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